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  1. KTC

    Taycan glass roof without shade option

    It’s dark enough that unless I look up I don’t even remember it’s glass.
  2. KTC

    VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    Juicing up.
  3. KTC

    Winter daily?

    I think both of these really hit the issue on the head -- "need" is subjective and depends a lot on everyone's unique situation, and even though @whitex and I are both in the same region, we might have different needs. Do snow tires lower my risk of getting into a crash compared to all seasons...
  4. KTC

    Cabin noise difference between 20 inch and 21 inch wheels

    Probably depends more on what tires you're running. Fewer choices for 21" as of this time.
  5. KTC

    PPF regrets?

    What about windshield protection?
  6. KTC

    Winter daily?

    Thanks for sharing this actual experience! Also great to hear that the P Zero Winters actually did well... there's almost no reviews of them online as of this date (surprising). Also interesting that you used the staggered Aero setup. Some folks advocate for a square winter setup.
  7. KTC

    Winter daily?

    Thank you. That's about as strong of an endorsement as can be. No ground clearance issues even with heavy snow? Any pictures to show us what Norway winters look like? I can't even imagine...
  8. KTC

    First Road Trip Success - Porsche Palooza

    I know this has been said 517 times on this website, but big plug for folks to get ABRP and Plugshare apps and do simultaneous planning for their roadtrips. I also have the EA app which sometimes show different info than Plugshare. Congrats and thank you for sharing the experience!!
  9. KTC

    Winter daily?

    Thanks. Tirerack didn't like the Turbo even if I select 20", but my local dealer was able to find OZ HyperXT 20" + P Zero Winters for about $4400 total (not including TPMS). Apparently they're not able to get the Elect right now.
  10. KTC

    Winter daily?

    Thanks all for your answers. Just to clarify, I'm not questioning the value or advantage of winters over all-seasons. My last several cars all had dedicated summer and winter sets for that exact reason. The question stems more from the fact that 1. if the Taycan's ground clearance is low...
  11. KTC

    Winter daily?

    Picture for attention. Serious question (yes I did a search), but wondering for those who live in snowy/icy places, have you / do you plan to drive your Taycan frequently through the winter? If so: - Are you using the stock setup with all-season tires? If so, how are they on packed snow / ice...
  12. KTC

    U.S. Winter Tire Group Buy/Discount: Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 (studded/non-studded) and Hakkapeliitta R3

    I'd be interested too, especially if they can build a wheel+tire set w/ guaranteed fitment.
  13. KTC

    Transitioning from Taycan to Etron GT

    Hope no one who's super #wokeculture gets offended, but this sounds like you're dumping Jane for Sarah. They're all gonna have pros and cons and an infatuation stage, and later on be an occasional nag once shinyness has gone away. Seems like the answer is after a few years to go for Greta.
  14. KTC

    OEM 20" wheels, Less Than 500 miles, $3,000 picked-up $3,400 shipped

    Great deal! Someone buy these. I'd totally jump on them if they had winter shoes.
  15. KTC

    Trip Report: Chicago -> Seattle (~2400 Miles, 4 days)

    Woot woot!! WA represent!
  16. KTC

    4s vs Turbo

    At least as of a few months ago (seems like the market changes daily), the smaller demand for the Turbo/Turbo-S resulted in larger % discounts from dealers on those compared to 4S/RWD. I pulled the trigger on a Turbo and due to the negotiations ended up not much different from a 4S.... in fact...
  17. KTC

    Perfect car with a very bad / dangerous backup camera

    I don't want you guys to be too shocked and surprised.... .... but it didn't seem to do anything.
  18. KTC

    Backup Camera Quality to Improve?

    I don’t understand. Isn’t it just a matter of applying a undistortion mask to the imaging?
  19. KTC

    A few thoughts after driving behind my Taycan

    1. You saw the most common view of the Taycan.... of it pulling away. 2. Did you try sport plus and the spoiler up?
  20. KTC

    Winter wheels & offset

    Do these fit on the Turbo/TurboS brakes?