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  1. Anyone considering other EV's?

    I'll actually be adding a Mini Cooper SE in a couple of weeks (for the kids). But damn, that is a FUN car and very nicely appointed. And if I'm driving into NYC for dinner, the Taycan stays at home and the Mini is being drafted into duty.
  2. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    I just watched Shmee 150’s review of Brooks Weisblat’s Plaid. Once you get past the obnoxiousness of both of them, I’m staring at that interior (and exterior) and I am gobsmacked that somebody would pay $140k for that. Utter disbelief. Ripping a 1/4 mile in 9.3 at 150 mph is absolutely insane...
  3. MT review of Lucid. Better than Taycan?

    Interesting. I wouldn't think anybody who's in the market for an M5 would also be thinking about a 7-series or an S-Class. But I do like that you put the Model S at the bottom 😂 (j/k)
  4. MT review of Lucid. Better than Taycan?

    Sorry, my mistake for not being more clear. I wasn't trying to suggest that the Panamera was a startup concept like Lucid is. What I was trying to say is that the Panamera was a legitimate 4-door sports car, the likes of which you'd compare with an M5. I don't see the Lucid as trying to be a...
  5. MT review of Lucid. Better than Taycan?

    Wouldn't be surprised if Johnny is driving around in a new car soon 😂
  6. MT review of Lucid. Better than Taycan?

    At the risk of sounding presumptuous, it seems like the only reason this conversation even exists is because Lucid is a $100,000+ EV (and so is the Taycan). In other words, 10 years ago, how many people were considering the Panamera vs an S-Class/A8/7-series? Maybe they existed but I didn't know...
  7. MT review of Lucid. Better than Taycan?

    Interested to see more reviews. Tough to believe it handles better than a Taycan. Does it look like a badly styled Lincoln MKZ or is that just me? And that steering wheel! The more the merrier though.
  8. Resale Value: Almost-New 2021 Mamba Green Taycan Turbo

    If you don’t need the range, I’d suggest checking out the Mini SE. It’s a BLAST to drive and eligible for the $7500 federal credit and $2850 on the hood via the NJ Charge Up program. Real world range seems to be 120-140 mi.
  9. EVSE - Need wifi or not?

    I think you can do all the things that you want from the car itself, i.e. you can use a “dumb” charger like ClipperCreek. Two things you might want to investigate first. (1) Does your utility company offer any incentives that require a smart charger to share data with them? My utility will pay...
  10. $7500 U.S. Tax Credit may go away

    yes, they do retroactive beneficial tax changes rather frequently.
  11. $7500 U.S. Tax Credit may go away

    It's very rare for Congress to implement a retroactive tax hike. Not sure how you'd qualify this but it sorta fits the bill. Plus, the House still would have to agree to this. Dems don't want to see this change.
  12. What charger have you installed at home?

    I think the reliability of CC is pretty well established. They’ve been making EVSE’s since 2006 and have a solid reputation as the one that “just works”. I’ve searched this forum as well as a Mini Cooper SE forum and the sentiment is consistent. Have also watched a fair amount of online reviews...
  13. “Electric” Badge - Did you?

    Makes sense. I’m with you on the excessive badging. Then again, I’d wrap a 911 in Martini Racing livery 🤷‍♂️
  14. “Electric” Badge - Did you?

    Is model designation for the clean look or a sense of modesty? It’s never appealed to me because I actually love seeing other P-cars and their model designation. I always want to know exactly what I’m looking at (so I know what to put on my wish list 😂).
  15. Taycan Turbo S vs. Model S Plaid - really by this much!?

    I agree with this…once you get to 3.0 seconds for 0-60, laws of diminishing returns really start to kick in, IMO. But Plaid’s pull from 60-130 is damn impressive.
  16. What charger have you installed at home?

    I wanted the reliability of a ClipperCreek but also the smart functions of a JuiceBox (to be eligible for utility incentives) as well as load sharing. Somehow I stumbled upon this Frankenstein unit ( Probably not relevant...
  17. Nobody talking about the revised 2022 configurator?

    as expected, the final infrastructure bill doesn't touch the current US tax credit of $7500
  18. BuyBack

    Could getting a car wrapped in Frozen Berry be an option?
  19. 2022 Taycan Changes Summary

    I think so!
  20. 2022 Taycan Changes Summary

    Yeah, I'm not an expert but I think the 19.2 kw charger is really only useful if you plan to use it at home. Even the Level 2 EVSE's that you might find in the city (parking garages or curbside) or "destination" chargers (at hotels or restaurants) seem to only be on 50A or 60A circuits. Maybe...