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  1. WuffvonTrips

    "Rare Shades celebrates Porsche's long history of loving color" - Article

    There's a history of some of the more adventurous standard colours being discontinued a few years after launch...I fear Frozen Blue might be dropped before I get my MY23. If so, I'd give serious consideration to Mexico or Riviera Blue.
  2. WuffvonTrips

    4S to Turbo

    My calculations were based on the figures Porsche quoted for the optional final "to own" payments at the end of a 3 year PCP, which I assume are based on their view of residuals adjusted for options. Even if they've come up with their numbers by a different method, the difference in cost for...
  3. WuffvonTrips

    4S to Turbo

    Yes- the additional overall cost of the Turbo could be a lot less than £20k- in my case, taking account of residual values after 3 years, for my chosen spec of around £15k options on a 4S, I've calculated that a Turbo that includes all of those options would cost me less £5k more. On that...
  4. WuffvonTrips

    4S to Turbo

    I think I've posted this previously in another thread: In addition to the extra power output, here’s what comes as standard on a UK Turbo CT but not on a 4S (items in italics are the 4S version): Metallic Paint Exterior mirror lower trims painted in exterior colour including mirror base in...
  5. WuffvonTrips

    Macan EV

    😁 Person in long queue hoping that the rest of the queue tells them not to go join a different queue?
  6. WuffvonTrips

    Which one looks better?

    I think that Frozen Blue suits having more black and less silver.
  7. WuffvonTrips

    Should I paint the wheel arches on my CT 4

    Rather than vote for what you should choose, here's my journey to my own choice: Initially I hated the idea of the arch cladding (especially as I'd been able to option it out on my current Cayenne). Then I saw it in real life, and I thought it didn't look too bad, but still wan't to get rid...
  8. WuffvonTrips

    GTS ....Saloon or ST

    Do you have a place in both queues (Saloon and ST)? I wanted to keep my options open between 4S and Turbo, so had to place a deposit for each to avoid ending up at the back of the queue on one of them once I decide which one I want built (once I get offered a firm build slot for a 4S).
  9. WuffvonTrips

    PPF fitter southwest UK? - or factory fit?

    I've ordered it (and am at least 6 months from build start) after being shown a showroom 911 with's been available as a factory option on that for at least 12 months. I did a quick Google and saw 911 owners happy with having taken the option, others who assume that Porsche can't get it...
  10. WuffvonTrips

    Please critique my build :)

    When considering which Taycan variant and with how much to add on options, there will be a significant implication for residual values. I don't think there's a reliable guide to Taycan residual values yet, though I assume that Porsche Finance "final payment to own vehicle at end of PCP term"...
  11. WuffvonTrips

    Paint-To-Sample (PTS) Overview - All colors, all models

    Brilliant- bookmarked- thanks. Now, if they could just add a function to adjust the ambient white temperature across a range from coldest white through natural daylights to warmest white.
  12. WuffvonTrips

    How are we pronouncing Taycan ?

    No obligation, just attempting to show respect for foreign names- at least when they apply to people. That carries over to companies named after people. Admittedly, probably more times than not, names become unintentionally Anglicised, sometimes beyond the recognition of the original person.
  13. WuffvonTrips

    How are we pronouncing Taycan ?

    That's how hear it pronounced by Germans, which makes it definitive for me. But as a British Northener, I can't bring myself to use the long "ah", so I say "Tie Can". That said, with its Turkish origin, I think it might be pronounced "Tie Chahn". That doesn't really matter though, when even...
  14. WuffvonTrips

    Please critique my build :)

    I don't think you should sacrifice very much to enable you to add RWS, assuming you're happy with the steering of your current vehicle (I was happy with a CT 4S demonstrator that lacked that feature, even though I've specced it for my build). Hopefully you could then add PSP instead...
  15. WuffvonTrips

    Poll: With or without Taycan badge?'ve convinced me that I could remove it, now I just need to convince myself that I could reattach it precisely centred and level.
  16. WuffvonTrips

    Poll: With or without Taycan badge?

    I wish there was a configuration option to just have a "Taycan" badge, regardless of model variant. I think it can add a nice contrasting detail (so in black if on the lighter body colours). I'm not interested in announcing which variant it is. Maybe it would be fairly straightforward to...
  17. WuffvonTrips

    Car size for city streets and country lanes

    I'm cautious too, so like to stay at least a few cm away from kerbs, and I've found the side view of Surround View good enough for that...but I've not seen it on the Taycan so I'm hoping that's at least as good.
  18. WuffvonTrips

    Car size for city streets and country lanes

    I agree with the recommendation for folding mirrors. With my Cayenne- which is 5 cm wider than a Taycan with mirrors out, and 1 cm wider with mirrors folded (on both cars), I need to fold the mirrors to get through my garage doors. Other than that, while driving I've had to fold them on 3...
  19. WuffvonTrips

    RWD - Normal v Sport mode differences

    Here you go (from a Porsche press release that predates the single motor variant): Normal: The Taycan delivers its power output in a linear mode in this setting. All four wheels are driven in efficiency mode. The cooling air flaps only open when necessary, the rear spoiler is adjusted...
  20. WuffvonTrips

    Cross Turismo vs Sport Turismo

    I don't see Porsche dropping the Turbo name- it's their best-known "brand", they (and arguably some customers) are too wedded to heritage, and it had already ceased to be an accurate technical identifier when model ranges appeared with a turbocharger in every variant (except some GTS). As...