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  1. smohr33

    Transmission noise at 50mph / 80kph?

    I knew from day one with the car that this is what it needed, but was unsure until today if anything would get done. In my last convo with the service advisor a few days ago, engineering pushed back saying some vibration is "normal" in a 4wd Taycan. Luckily, my service adivsor and the techs...
  2. smohr33

    Transmission noise at 50mph / 80kph?

    Looks like I'm getting a new front drive unit, just awaiting the final sign off's.
  3. smohr33

    Bizarre 'whistleblower' claims “60% of all delivered Taycan have battery issues that caused replacements, damages and fires”

    There is much that goes on inside the walls of Porsche that we don't know about. This could be 100% true for all we know. In the meantime, I'll keep driving my car, charging at 40A and relying on my 8 year battery warranty. Not losing sleep over this.
  4. smohr33

    PCM 5 M/Y 2021

    The lag before Carplay kicks in is the worst part for me. No reason why it should take so long. Sometimes you have to force it to connect manually, sometimes it just takes forever. I'm in a loaner Macan for the last week and wireless Carplay is almost instant, and never crashes. I will admit...
  5. smohr33

    Transmission noise at 50mph / 80kph?

    1 week at the dealer today. They have acknowledged that my vibration/pulsing from 40-45mph is not normal. Next step is to have "engineering" (they had some acronym I can't remember) do their assessment of what's needed to repair it. More to come...
  6. smohr33

    Porsche (or PCNA) deleted my car and my account, and customer support is worthless. How do I fix this?

    LOL. Don’t try another CS rep or to escalate to a manager. Don’t call or take a ride to your dealer. Not getting warranty service? Huh? I guess the only way to resolve this is to sell the car and not buy another Porsche. I had Porsche connect issues when I first bought my car. Got it resolved...
  7. smohr33

    Porsche (or PCNA) deleted my car and my account, and customer support is worthless. How do I fix this?

    Cancel culture. Cant log in to my account so I have to sell my car and never buy another Porsche 🤡🤡🤡
  8. smohr33

    Transmission noise at 50mph / 80kph?

    I can deal with 8 weeks. I guess first steps are diagnosis though... more to come.
  9. smohr33

    Transmission noise at 50mph / 80kph?

    Yep, also wasn't ready to let go initially, but after 6 months of "dealing" with it, I've had enough. My fear is if it does require a full drive unit replacemnt what the lead time will be and how long I'll be without the car. We shall see.
  10. smohr33

    Transmission noise at 50mph / 80kph?

    I went from summer to all season tires recently and the vibration became much less noticeable, but it's still there. Car goes in Monday, I'm tired of dealing with it and convinced it's not right. I'll provide updates once I have them.
  11. smohr33

    Is the Taycan really exceeding EPA rating?

    It bothers me that many insist on range as a measure of efficiency for BEVs. We don't measure ICE cars efficiency in range, we use MPG. KWH/100mi, MPGe, KWH/mi, etc are measures of efficiency. The fuel economy portion of my Taycan's window sticker is below. Over 6500 miles, my actual...
  12. smohr33

    Comfort Access door handles kaput

    It's definitely on in PCM settings right? Mine randomly stopped presenting the handles when I walked up the other day and I found it was unchecked in PCM. After I rechecked it everything works like normal again.
  13. smohr33

    Video of Lap at Vallelunga circuit (ITA) with my 2021 Taycan 4S

    Monticello is members only. I did a Porsche Performance Drive day last fall and drove a Taycan Turbo S, 992 S, Pana GTS and others there. Beautiful facilities. I live on LI and have been racing for 15+ years - You have NJMP, Lime Rock, Pocono, NYST, all within 3 hours. Palmer, Watkins Glen...
  14. smohr33

    Taycan Brake Fade

    I know the sensation you are referring to - pretty sure its the change from regen to discs only at low speeds. The pedal drops quite a bit after the regen no longer comes into play.
  15. smohr33

    Brake Dust?

    Two weeks and probably 500 miles of driving on the steel brakes. Cant even see the dust on my finger after wiping it, its more road grime than brake dust. Probably 90% less dust than what you are used to in an ICE Porsche.
  16. smohr33

    Rumor of significant charging issue causing Taycan failures

    Extremely vague blurb. "Porsche has scrapped a number of Taycan vehicles" How many is a number?? 5, 50, 500? Something tells me this is nothing more than a hit piece from a Tesla fan boy. These cars have been on the road going on two years now, first time I've heard of this.
  17. smohr33

    Charging Best Practices

    More frequent shallow charges are better than less frequent deep charges. You have an 8 year warranty. If you have an EVSE in your garage, stop overthinking it and plug in nightly so you have the range if needed. There is no proven reason to wait till any % SOC. I charge to 80% daily, whether...
  18. smohr33

    2020 Taycan Executive Demo - Please Rate the Deal

    Good deal. Mine was similar, new 2020 purchased this May, $124k msrp, $107k sale price. 14% off. Very similar spec but missing a couple little things yours has. Get all the updates done before delivery and enjoy!
  19. smohr33

    Glove compartment - what goes in the holder? What am I missing?

    Got the carbon fiber pen too, best part is, it doesn't fit in the glovebox pen holder! Pops right out 🤦‍♂️
  20. smohr33

    hmmm - my lovely Taycan is limited to 220 miles range - [Edit] I think it's the tires…

    Anything askew with your recent consumption? How does it compare to lifetime consumption or historical from when you took >200 mi trips in the past? If consumption isn't an issue, clearly something battery related is going on, software or otherwise.