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  1. cometguy

    My Gentian Blue Turbo S delivered

    Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks, and very encouraging! Looks like those EPA numbers really are too low. It'll be interesting to see what you get when the weather warms up in the spring, for comparison.
  2. cometguy

    My Gentian Blue Turbo S delivered

    Please give us updates when you can with ranges and ambient outside air temperatures that you are driving in. I'm especially interested in any driving you do that isn't overly aggressive, to get an idea for what the range is like in doing daily commuting, for example, without "launch control"...
  3. cometguy

    I ask and answer: Why won't my Taycan Charge as fast as I want it to?

    I'm not quite certain how to read that Jalopnik chart ... Can you give the URL that links to the webpage with that chart? Maybe it's better explained there? Yeah, there's no excuse for Porsche not supplying software in the car to show the car's ability to charge based on Soc and temperature.
  4. cometguy

    What changes are expected from June 2020 onwards

    We should be getting news in the coming months about the forthcoming "base" RWD Taycan (or maybe just a Taycan 4?), as well as the Cross Turismo "wagon"/"estate" variants.
  5. cometguy

    Taycan Range Estimator based on WLTP like figures for USA

    I, for one, am hoping that Porsche will allow us to choose when/if to do software updates. I keep hearing these horror stories about automatic over-the-air software updates by Tesla that causes problems for their owners. I would like the option to have external access to my car's computer...
  6. cometguy

    Automobile Magazine - The Porsche Taycan is the 2020 Design of the Year

    I fully agree with you, after having seen a Taycan Turbo S at the dealership a week ago (and I didn't feel that way so much before I saw it in person): the Taycan is the most impressive-looking 4-door sedan on the planet now, inside and out. It is stunning in person. I know that a lot of...
  7. cometguy

    In December Porsche Delivered First 130 Taycan In The U.S. (Sales Figure Chart)

    In fact, Porsche was down on sales on ALL their vehicles for the entire year except for Cayenne (and, of course, Taycan). I guess that the new-look Cayenne has grabbed a lot of new customers. It's interesting that Cayenne sales have almost equalled Macan sales in 2019.
  8. cometguy

    In December Porsche Delivered First 130 Taycan In The U.S. (Sales Figure Chart)

    Right, but I'd assume that you'd get money off it for being a "used" demo car, plus whatever the dealership would have made in federal/state credits/rebates. I sure would press a dealership on that point, and I wouldn't accept anything less than a hefty discount on such a Taycan.
  9. cometguy

    A couple of more pictures to keep you going....

    Saw a Taycan for the first time in person this afternoon at a dealership here (Burlington Porsche), a Turbo S optioned out at $205k (USD)...
  10. cometguy

    Fold down rear seats?

    partially-folded-down right rear seat, as viewed today from the trunk area in a Taycan Turbo S this afternoon at a dealership here...
  11. cometguy

    Drove Home My Taycan Turbo S! First to Roll off Dealer's Lot.

    That looks a lot like the Taycan Turbo S that I saw in person today (first for me) at a local dealership here... Amazing-looking car, inside and out!
  12. cometguy

    Forum member test drives

    $2 plastic shade?! I'd love to see that at work in an expensive Porsche! Please do explain!
  13. cometguy

    Forum member test drives

    Regarding the glass roof: I presume that it does not have the electrochromic (smart) glass, which can be dimmed almost to opaque via controls (like the passenger windows on a Dreamliner aircraft). The manufacturer blurb on the Polestar 2 website seems to imply that they might have smart glass...
  14. cometguy

    Taycan Sport Turismo: more pics

    I would think that those bits of the Cross Turismo that are camouflaged will look like in this video that came out a year and a half ago: There's no reason to think otherwise. The front hood is a bit different, but most of the differences from the June 2018 prototype to the production...
  15. cometguy

    AMCI & EPA Taycan Turbo Range results

    Yes, the jalopnik article may well help explain the EPA low figure, as well as the poster above who noted that EPA (under the current anti-environmental atmosphere in the Trump administration) may intentionally lower EV range estimates, because the Trump administration is very anti-EV (and I...
  16. cometguy

    So based on the new EPA "Range" are you cancelling?

    I think that the poll should have more options, for those of us who are considering buying a Porsche BEV but haven't put a deposit down yet. I'm somewhat skeptical that the 4S will have such poor range, given some test drives posted online in the past week; if a 4S driver doesn't pretend that...
  17. cometguy

    Taycan Gets Porsche Exclusive Upgrades For Exterior and Interior

    how exciting...... I would rather have Porsche work harder on coming out with a cheaper "Taycan 4" version and get their Cross Turismo version out, rather than ADDING more expense into the already-crazy-expensive versions they've announced.
  18. cometguy

    4S - Performance Battery Plus - Yes or No? estimates that the Taycan Turbo may not get more than about 200 real-world miles to a full charge. Perhaps the less-performance-oriented (and presumably lighter) 4S will see a range boost of 10 or 20%?
  19. cometguy

    Taycan Turbo / Turbo S CARB certified for 281.8 / 282.7 miles range

    Isn't it odd for CARB to release a report on a car before the EPA releases its certification?
  20. cometguy

    Panoramic roof pricing

    Any panoramic-glass roof made in a car today should have electrochromic or "smart" glass (like that on passenger windows of the new 787 Dreamliners), in which you can use a button/switch to make the glass transparent, translucent, or totally opaque. (The current Panameras have a horrible thin...