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  1. Hotels getting ev friendly

    Concur. I’ve used PlugShare for years for my Tesla Model S. First when SuperChargers were few in number and now for destinations or trips away from Interstate highways where SuperChargers are most common.
  2. Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    I don’t smoke, but I plan on getting the free smoking package and using the cover to hide my loose change.
  3. GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    That spoiler is MIGHTY close to concrete. I never park my cars over those. Too easy to misjudge.
  4. Taycan Range Estimator based on WLTP like figures for USA

    I have had a Tesla Model S 85D for just over 4 years, have installed all OTA updates and have had ZERO problems. To be perfectly transparent, though, I do not have the P (performance) version or the more advanced autopilot hardware which was released later than my 2015 model. Perhaps the problem...
  5. First US Taycan Owner! Achieving Better Range Than EPA Rating (So Far)

    It will be very interesting to see some real world range results. I’m sure they’ll be better than EPA numbers. In the meantime, you can’t extrapolate safely. I’m not sure how the Taycan computes range remaining, but my Model S CANNOT be extrapolated that way. Miles remaining is based solely on...
  6. Taycan: UK - Plug in Grant Eligibility Query

    Don’t forget that more options should be available after June. Double Bubble roof, for example.
  7. GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    Here is info from configurator:
  8. Charging to 100%?

    My Tesla Model S says 90% unless going on a trip, in which case starting at 100% is okay. I read recently that if battery is fully charged, regen charging won’t work. I deduced that’s because there’s no place for charge to go. Of course, Tesla does regen vice coasting while Taycan can coast...
  9. GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    Interior options: interior accents in exterior color ($1,000 in US)
  10. $230K Taycan Turbo S or Tesla Roadster?

    Flash! Tesla Roadster is a 2+2. In other words, 4 seats - just like Taycan. But it does have only 2 doors, though.
  11. Panoramic roof pricing

    Different states have different limits for the amount of legal tint. In US, you’ll have to do it after purchase. Porsche Dealer should be able to recommend quality shop to do it.
  12. Taycan charges from 5% to 80% in 22 minutes at 270kw (using Electrify America charger)

    PlugShare app has come in handy many times for various recharging systems. ElectrifyAmerica app should be useful for Porsche 800V system, but not much there yet. ChargePoint app displays their commercial chargers I use them in AL, GA, and FL. Appear to be valid in CA also
  13. MAMBA GREEN Taycan Club

    Is it just me, or does the lower back end stick farther than the rest of the back end. Kind of like baboon butt
  14. Taycan brochure shows more colors and confirms OTA updates

    I wonder what “optional” means. Extra cost? I have a Model S and OTA updates are free.
  15. Porsche Taycan World Reveal. Watch Live Feed and React Here

    Like the Tesla Model S, there is a covered compartment in the trunk that can hold stuff, including charging cable.. Just inside the trunk, the full width of trunk.
  16. 2 speed transmission data thread

    Look at
  17. 2 speed transmission data thread

    While it is true Taycan can adjust the amount each axel is used for range vs. acceleration, the Taycan actually has 2 gear ratios for the rear motor - a low one for gas faster acceleration and a higher one for better range. Teslas have only one gear ratio.
  18. Possible Taycan color options...........

    Greeat job on Sapphire Blue. Thanks
  19. Configuring on the 4th!

    That should be 6am PDT