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  1. AMCI & EPA Taycan Turbo Range results

    Figures like 21.6 Kwh / 100km is not bad at all! In winter time I have 23.0 Kwh/100km with my Tesla Model 3...
  2. So based on the new EPA "Range" are you cancelling?

    I didn't placed the order yet, but I'm in a lot of doubts now. But it's a performance car, so range doesn't need to be a issue. But, I drive a lot, with my Tesla Model 3 since June, I already driven 32.000kms! So, long road trips of 200-500km will be driven with my Porsche Taycan. But, it doesnt...
  3. EPA Taycan Turbo

    I know its a sports car. But if I need to charge it every 150km it's a deal breaker for me. I own a Model 3 right now from June 2019. In summer I can reach the 350km. Now in winter I have a range of 320km. I have 19" rims, so no aero's. Still, WLTP is saying 270 miles for the taycan.
  4. EPA Taycan Turbo

    What do you have to say about this?
  5. 4S - Performance Battery Plus - Yes or No?

    Yeah I'm still in doubt too. Any idea what the EPA is already for the turbo (S)?
  6. 4S - Performance Battery Plus - Yes or No?

    I spoke a german seller, and he is telling me that his customers always buy the NON-performance battery...
  7. What Colour Did you go for?

    I still not order it yet, but when I do, it will be Carrera White. Also with a tour in Leipzig, I also can race on there circuit! Can't wait for that.
  8. Charging to 100%?

    I charge my tesla every day up to 90%. I use it daily, also for short routes. Musk did recommend this without damaging the battery. Still not sure what to do with the Taycan. 80% daily use, 90% for road trip about 200-600km.
  9. 4S - Performance Battery Plus - Yes or No?

    Always choose it. If I want a second hand Taycan, without it I won't buy it.
  10. Charging to 100%?

    In the Porsche Brochure I find this on page 51: II. Battery A lithium-ion battery is subject to physical and chemical ageing, as well as wear and tear. This reduces the battery capacity, depending on the usage pattern and environmental conditions, resulting in a reduction in range and an...
  11. New Members Say Hello Here!

    Thanks for your reply. I did hear today that they cannot give me discount because discount on new models is not the 'protocol' by Porsche. Also, they cannot offer me a buy-in garante because the model is new. Thats my main concern because I hope the 4S is more worth then 50.000 after 3-4 years...
  12. Getting Porsche Mobile Charger Connect before car delivery

    Yes, I think it's possible with the switch 2 setting. The dealer told me that it's not possible to use the Tesla Wallmount because Taycan can 'see' that. But there are some exeptions with hotels which are using the Tesla chargers. So... The only way to found out, is testing it ;)
  13. New Members Say Hello Here!

    Hi everyone, new here, I'm 33 years old from Netherlands. I still don't bought the Taycan 4S yet, I want the right deal, they still don't offer the right deal for me.
  14. Getting Porsche Mobile Charger Connect before car delivery

    Do you have a link? Can't find it.
  15. Charging to 100%?

    No, cannot read Danish, only Dutch and English ;-). That's weird that they require 80% for every day use. Why not 100%? 100% is 88%. Are they saying if you are driving like 60km max it's 80%. If you have a road trip it's 100%?
  16. Charging to 100%?

    Are you gonna charge your Taycan every day to 100% at home? If I understand it correctly, Porsche did build in a charge margin. So, if you charge to 100% it's really 88%, right?
  17. Getting Porsche Mobile Charger Connect before car delivery

    I've got a Tesla Wallmount, can I charge my Taycan also with that?