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  1. Fitzban

    MSRP Dealers (selling Taycan with no price mark-up)

    Ordered from Porsche of Bellevue at MSRP price.
  2. Fitzban

    Size of phone charging slot?

    The trunk area has a 12V socket, in addition to the 12V socket in the center console picture that Reg shared.
  3. Fitzban

    Dash cams

    Agree with what other people said, dash cam is for vandalism and hit and run situations. Radar and laser detectors are for cops. Have a look at where the reviewer describes a number of custom install radar detectors. Here's a laser jammer specific review...
  4. Fitzban

    Garage / Gate opening function

    Homelink is standard in US models. I've heard that it's an option in Europe.
  5. Fitzban

    Route Planning on Porsche website

    Ah, guess I mis-understood how the route planner color indicator means. The route I was thinking was
  6. Fitzban

    Route Planning on Porsche website

    I like A Better Route Planner. Does this route work ( While, it may be a bit of additional drive, but that's part of the fun in a Porsche, right ;)
  7. Fitzban

    Golf clubs in the boot

    My test car had Bose and the picture I took showed that the boot is flat. So if the Bose speaker took up room it is hidden in the boot floor. BTW, the little section right under the golf club head has a shallow storage area if you lift up the cover.
  8. Fitzban

    First US Taycan Owner! Achieving Better Range Than EPA Rating (So Far)

    Got a chance to test drive the Taycan for a number of hours today. Did a combination of highway and city driving. Mostly drove around town at traffic speed since it was snowing pretty badly around the local mountains. I would say that Taycan can easily beat the 201 EPA range even in winter...
  9. Fitzban

    Golf clubs in the boot

    Had a chance to test drive the Taycan and here's an old 3 Wood I had. My take is that the boot will fit one set of golf clubs diagonally. Definitely did not fit if sticking it straight in or horizontal. I don't see how it will fit 2 sets of clubs, unless you put the backseat down.
  10. Fitzban

    Keeping Race Tex interior clean

    I sat in a Taycan with RaceTex and since the fabric isn't smooth like the leather version, really need a vacuum to keep it clean. Can't just brush things that are little (think food crumbs) off the seat with your hands. I have little kids so I ended deciding to go with leather.
  11. Fitzban

    Taycan Range Estimator based on WLTP like figures for USA

    An additional thing to play around with in the range estimator is to change the wheel from the 19" to 20" Taycan Turbo Aero wheels. There's very little difference in the estimate range, but in case you are trying to go for the max range based on the tool.
  12. Fitzban

    Dealing with the front license plate

    Thanks for the info. This does look like a good solution if the police nicely insist ;)
  13. Fitzban

    Dealing with the front license plate

    For those in the US, how have you dealt with installing the front license plate and making the Porsche look less than perfect?
  14. Fitzban

    Thermally & Noise Insulated Glass

    I have this in my build. No idea how well it'll work. I'm going purely by what it states "minimize external noises" and "reduce warming of the interior".
  15. Fitzban

    Taycan has custom Bose sound system

    Interesting interview video with Porsche and Bose reps about the sound system.
  16. Fitzban

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    If you can wait for the e-tron GT, then you may also hold out of the cheaper Taycan 4.
  17. Fitzban

    Taycan 4s April delivery

    Thanks. I had locked my build before the holidays and currently have a February build date. I'm also hoping things stay on schedule :fingerscrossed:
  18. Fitzban

    Taycan 4s April delivery

    Mine is expected to be in the 1st batch. Carrara white with red seats :)
  19. Fitzban

    Info about Taycan now available online

    Not sure how to just share the in-app downloadable content. Here's the link to the US version of the app Hope that helps.
  20. Fitzban

    Info about Taycan now available online

    The US version of the Android app has the Taycan info. I just downloaded both the app and the in-app content (206 MB) today.