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  1. Tires, other options

    Only in your wallet :) Surprisingly, when selecting the 20" Taycan aero wheels on the Porsche UK range estimator, they appear more efficient. Not sure I buy that given the increase in tire size....
  2. Real-World EV Range Testing

    I think it is also important to look at the EPA range for these cars. For those who did not watch the video, it was done with a starting outside temp of 7C (45F) dropping to 5C (41F) at the end of the trip, mostly on highways at a cruise control speed set at 70 mph. Mercedes-Benz EQC - EPA...
  3. Tires, other options

    Price does not include the glass roof or the larger battery - these are forced options that you have to pay for. Here is the picture from the website ($103800) and below the configurator price just as you launch it ($114340) - as you can see you have already "opted" for $9190 worth of equipment...
  4. Tires, other options

    Not sure about that. By my calculations the Taycan is actually cheaper in UK...… As far as I can tell, your VAT on cars is 20% in UK, and the price in pounds includes VAT. So if you take the start price for the Taycan in UK at 83367 pounds that is $108718.90 - and includes 20% tax (giving a...
  5. I ask and answer: Why won't my Taycan Charge as fast as I want it to?

    0.5 KWh /mi is actually OK good considering the weather. For comparison, my wife's Tesla model 3 is currently averaging 0.43 kWh/mi in a not so bad last week (low 20s AM, 30s PM), some snow on the ground - I suspect similar to what you encounter. With that consumption your Taycan will be around...
  6. I ask and answer: Why won't my Taycan Charge as fast as I want it to?

    Thank you for all the info you are sharing with us - much appreciated. As you pointed out, charging issues are just early adopter problems (I hope). Porsche should do OTA updates to the charger maps, it would be ridiculous if they did not considering the rapid expansion plans of Electrify...
  7. What changes are expected from June 2020 onwards

    Thank you!!! It did not occur to me to look at the fine print. Indeed, the heat pump appears as standard option on the US model - the only place I could find it is to view standard features in the configurator - it comes under E-mobility at the very end of the document
  8. innodrive versus standard lane keep assist

    I hated the lane keep assist I had in my BMW 650 few years ago - it had only the warning system. On the other hand, the Innodrive seems to have lane keeping with some autosteer included. This is a completely different feature, as it will self-center the car in the lane. I have not personally...
  9. What changes are expected from June 2020 onwards

    That is an excellent news - I suspect then it will be the same in US! Thank you
  10. What changes are expected from June 2020 onwards

    :CWL: Going back to changes coming in June, I think they will also have the larger charger (Porsche Mobile Charger Plus) and the small battery for the 4S. Did anyone figure it out if the heat pump offered in continental Europe will be available in US? It is not offered in UK configurator...
  11. Golf clubs in the boot

    From the Bose video at CES it looks like the subwoofer is in the trunk in a horizontal position - probably takes a little space from the tiny shelf in the back.
  12. Dusting of snow.

    Gorgeous car - congratulations!
  13. New Retractable Glass Spoiler.

    What gives? The demo's in California seemed to have no problem charging from Electrify America - not for the length of the cable anyway. Maybe this is an issue with one of the 4 types of chargers EA is using? The pedestal looks higher in the youtube video. Now that you had it for more time...
  14. Any news on when Taycan 4 (non S) is coming out or RWD version?

    Yes, they will offer a rear-wheel drive option - which is single motor.
  15. So based on the new EPA "Range" are you cancelling?

    That is OK - hopefully what they lost in friction on the snow-covered single lane roads will be similar to what they gained by going slower than highway speeds - keeping my fingers crossed for similar 180-250 miles on pure highway.
  16. So based on the new EPA "Range" are you cancelling?

    I've done it with the Tesla superchargers - on the navigation screen Tesla lets you know whether SC are working or not, and how many free stalls. Hope Porsche will do the same (considering they want $300 for the software). The other time I did that was when going home. I would not try it in a...
  17. Clear protection film on the Taycan?

    Never did it on any of my cars - never regretted that. I am planning to keep the car for only 3 years (duration of the lease).
  18. So based on the new EPA "Range" are you cancelling?

    What I learned from Tesla is that once the algorithm adjusts for the highway consumption (temperature, wind) it becomes highly accurate in predicting the exact range - therefore I plan to arrive at a supercharger with ideally less than 10% charge. In this way you minimize the number of stops and...
  19. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Congratulations!!!!! You may also need something to get that deep voice "I'm batman" :D. Please let us know more when you have the chance - I am particularly interested in consumption at highway speed.