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  1. Tesla Model S crushes Taycan’s Nürburgring time

    Utter BS. One is a pre-production model with production aero, brakes, wheels, ride height (all of which your picture clearly shows!) that can be ordered now, the other plainly has no performance-relevant components available from Tesla at this time.
  2. Tesla Model S crushes Taycan’s Nürburgring time

    It would be easier to give Tesla props if its fanboys would cut down on hyperbole/distortions when singing Tesla's praises. The "Model S" on the Ring has no performance relevant components in common with the actual Model S on sale at this time (e.g., different powertrain, battery, brakes...
  3. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    I have informed myself and concluded that the Polestar 2 looks like a goofy jacked up sedan with a black bottom stripe to visually hide it's actual height: If the in-floor battery has nothing to do with that, well, pity the Polestar designers.
  4. Porsche Taycan World Reveal. Watch Live Feed and React Here

    Don't worry, they will. In fact, looking at configurator, it seems they'll be happy to take all of it.
  5. Porsche Taycan World Reveal. Watch Live Feed and React Here

    The funny thing is that they managed to preserve many of the details (minus the suicide doors), but the basic proportions (i.e., height of the greenhouse, windshield rake, roofline) are more miniature Panamera than Mission E. Great looking car, but no Mission E.
  6. 2020 Taycan U.S. Pricing For Turbo and Turbo S

    Probably many of us didn't understand that pricing "between Cayenne and Panamera" meant a base price (with mandatory options) above the Panamera: "We're expecting a price somewhere between a Cayenne and a Panamera,” said Robert Meier, Porsche model director for the Taycan (in 2018). I was...
  7. Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    So much for pricing in between Cayenne and Panamera. I hope people don't suffer sticker shock and drop their orders - need this to be a sales success so that I can pick up a used one in 2-3 years. Just make sure to spec the 2+1 rear seats, please. PS: Porsche can't be serious about this option...
  8. 2020 Taycan U.S. Pricing For Turbo and Turbo S

    Very very surprised that the US price is higher than that in Euro (after taking out tax): 152136 Euro is 167724 USD incl. tax and 141000 USD before tax. That would be have been a good price. 10% more in the US vs Germany is really unusual. One has to wonder how much they are trying to protect...
  9. Configuring on the 4th!

    No, Euro to USD gives $119k and then you have to divide by 1.21, not multiply by 0.79, giving $98k ($4k difference). Unfortunately, the Netherlands is not the best reference, as prices there are much higher than e.g. in Germany, where in turn they are higher than in the US (all after backing out...
  10. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    Yeah, now we have distance, speed and (via stopwatch and 1/4 speed playback) time. Looks like about 2.9-3s (with 1ft rollout) 0-60mph, 5.2-5.4s 0-90mph, 4.7-4.9 s for 330ft. All a bit slower than a P100DL, but with most of the time lost in the first meters (e.g. 0-30 mph of ~1.2s). I assume an...
  11. MSRP Dealers (selling Taycan with no price mark-up)

    I think the thread will be more useful if people actually name their dealers (that's what's happening in the Corvette C8 threads the OP referenced). As an example, Herb Chambers Porsche Burlington told me last year that they might charge a modest ADM (e.g., $5k). Curiously, I didn't think that...
  12. 2 speed transmission data thread

    Hm. For the quoted sub-10s 0-200km/h time (from the "Fully charged" video), some of the Taycan's supposed advantage vs the P100D was attributed to the 2-speed gearbox. If it shifts at 125mph (201km/h) that wouldn't seem to help.
  13. Taycan dimensions graphic (vs 911 and Panamera)

    From the picture, given that the 911 is 52-54cm shorter than the 2nd gen Panamera, it would appear that the Taycan is about 15cm shorter than the Panamera. That would put its length within a few cm of the 485cm quoted for the Mission E.
  14. 2 speed transmission data thread

    Your troll act is really tiresome.
  15. How fast do you think the top trim will accelerate to 100kph?

    looks like some of us still live in ICE land :oops:
  16. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    The Polestar 2 has a ~20% smaller battery and still has a pretty goofy jacked-up sedan look (which they try to hide, unsuccessfully, with the black lower body paint). Just give it a few more years until the battery tech is there.
  17. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    Yeah, not much one can do with current battery tech if one wants ~100kWh and keep the center of gravity and polar moment of inertia low.
  18. How fast do you think the top trim will accelerate to 100kph?

    How are you going to decide who got it right? My guess for the "official" number from Porsche is 2.8s 0-100km/h. European magazines testing with full tank, including 75kg for a passenger etc, will get something like that. For 0-60mph in US magazines, with 1ft rollout, no passenger etc, I expect...
  19. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    Given that Jay Kay owned both a 918 and La Ferrari, one must presume that even the new "under 3.0s 0-100km/h" claim is very conservative.
  20. Taycan real world Range

    I'm not confusing anything. You said "1 sedan sells more than all BMWs combined. ", which is false, regardless of whether cars are sent overseas, or things are "lumpy" or Tesla is late with their numbers. It's ok to be a Tesla enthusiast, but cutting down on the hyperbole/falsehoods might be a...