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  1. Size of phone charging slot?

    Thanks, I assumed that, but nice to know
  2. Aftermarket changes

    That makes sense, I bought a 996 and it had that and the white side markers, wonder if I can get the white side markers aftermarket, like those also
  3. Aftermarket changes

    I see a lot of pictures with taycans with darker tinted backseat windows, anyone thinking of doing this, I am thinking about it.
  4. Size of phone charging slot?

    Thanks, just read about it, thought was cool, wanting the wireless induction pad to charge the car. Hadn't used wireless to charge my phone, didn't know if it was slower or faster than the cable.
  5. Size of phone charging slot?

    Is there a wireless charger in console? If so does it work well?
  6. CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    Love the red, like this one, without all the lights on it.
  7. Will Smith Gives Strangers a Lyft in Taycan Turbo S

    Almost as much as me
  8. Porsche Mobile Charger Connect vs Mobile Charger Plus

    Which chargeamos product do you have, like the lightweight and will it work with the taycan?
  9. Using mobile charger connect at home

    Thanks, good info, and at 110 does it take 24 hours to charge to 100 %?
  10. Is 100% really 88% full?

    I would be curious how much juice is left when you hit zero, Read an article, that said Porsche had a buffer after zero like a ice gas reserve. And that when tesla says zero it means zero, that would be nice to know, I am sure we will find out once more are produced.
  11. Using mobile charger connect at home

    I read takes 24 hours for a full charge
  12. First Drive in Taycan Turbo. A Member’s Impressions, Photos and Videos

    Great commentary and info, love the genitian blue.
  13. IndyCar star Graham Rahal shares the positives and negatives of his new electric car

    So true, most people need more information in Evs and charging, myself included, and then misinformation doesn't help, thank goodness for more range and chargers being added. Once range anxiety ends and they are more affordable things will change.
  14. Taycan Range, Battery longevity, Charging and related concerns

    Thank for clarifying, I agree.
  15. Taycan dream car

    found some fun rendering, just fun to look at.
  16. Taycan Range, Battery longevity, Charging and related concerns

    Thanks for the great insight, can you go over the regen a little more, I am not sure I understand, are you saying better range with regen off?
  17. Hotels getting ev friendly

    That app was great, couldn't be easier, road trip...
  18. Hotels getting ev friendly

    Hadn't heard of that, will check it out, I am a planner and this is right up my alley, cool
  19. Hotels getting ev friendly

    Ron_b - thank so much for taking the time to answer my questions I really appreciate it, I see so much tech about this, you made it simple So picking up my taycan in April/may it is 800 miles away from my house, picking it up and driving it home, so you can see why I need to do research, the...
  20. Hotels getting ev friendly

    I have never owned a ev, got any more info? Lots of questions.about taycan charging, if you got links to docs, that would be great From what I read only tesla supercharger work with Tesla, true or false? Will all others chargers work with taycans, if you have the right adapter with the right...