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  1. Aftermarket changes

    Yes I am definitely doing it on my Turbo. Went with the silver and I think the dark window in back and dark passenger windows looks great
  2. Taycan buyers: what is your financial means? [anonymous]

    respectfully i don't want to know what others make and they don't need to know what I make. Completely irrelevant and private.
  3. AsburyAuto review of 2020 Taycan vs 2019 Tesla Model S

    I'm a visual guy, one looks very nice but also very vanilla the other looks like .. well a Porsche. Nothing wrong with either of them I just think the reality is it's mostly 2 different kinds of customer bases with different needs vs wants. I am giving up range in my opinion for a first class...
  4. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Thanks ! a bit sooner than original dates given.
  5. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Long time coming but exciting progress: Hi Mike, Your Taycan Turbo is scheduled to go into production tomorrow.
  6. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Yes, I really like that combo. I was told I would have it now Early April not late April. We shall see. Winter sucks here in Michigan so as long as it is Spring sometime I will be happy
  7. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Notified today that production starts in 1.5 weeks on my Turbo
  8. Drove Home My Taycan Turbo S! First to Roll off Dealer's Lot.

    Congrats, looks fantastic ! I can't wait for my Turbo coming early April, Michigan doesn't have the kindest winters so timing should work out well
  9. Taycans spotted in the wild

    Panamera GTS vs Taycan
  10. Taycans spotted in the wild the comparison , tires look wider than I even thought they would
  11. Taycans spotted in the wild

    mean looking back end !!!!!
  12. Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    congrats ! night vision I skipped for more expensive tires. I fell in love with this combo. congrats again
  13. Depreciation

    Didn't VW last year spend more money on batteries than Teslas entire net worth ( back then value, not now ). VW is a monster so I do think that means a significant shift in strategic operations of what they see in the future
  14. AMCI & EPA Taycan Turbo Range results

    All Good Points. I am divorced but have 2 kids so yes on the seats. But my story is 100% unique. I suffered a ruptured aortic aneurysm on top of my heart in 2016. I was given almost no chance to make it , enough where they called me a celebrity in the hospital after surgery. So while in...
  15. AMCI & EPA Taycan Turbo Range results

    It will not be my A to B car as well. Mine will be after work, date night, weekends etc. That is about it. Range will not be an issue for me but I sure hope it lands somewhere a bit higher than EPA for resale someday but I am not letting that stop me. I wanted this vehicle for a long time...
  16. AMCI & EPA Taycan Turbo Range results

    I think this will be the case and good point. I will be fine with somewhere in the 240's.
  17. 2020 Porsche Taycan: Official Specs, Info, Wallpapers, Videos

    That is a fantastic Pic !
  18. US allocations ?

    My turbo "freeze date" is next week , 12/11. looks like I have final option decisions to make in a hurry
  19. A couple of more pictures to keep you going....

    Agree, the Tesla Truck has a refundable $100 deposit for a reason. Boost the numbers is the name of the game. My rug for my basement = 3 Tesla truck deposits