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  1. First Drive in Taycan Turbo. A Member’s Impressions, Photos and Videos

    Cheers pal I love that Red 912 :like:
  2. Maintenance Schedule

    I’m sure the front and rear wheels are different sizes
  3. Taycan Servicing

    Does anyone have any idea what the service intervals are and what the costs will be? I assume the current 3 models will have differing costs my understanding is Tesla don’t really have service intervals and the Etron in the UK has annual servicing that can be purchased in blocks ie £425 one...
  4. Tires, other options

    Hi pal Is the US price the standard one or does it include the the compulsory extras? Ie pano roof and larger battery? Also in the US you get additional standard items that the UK have to pay for ie heated seats
  5. Tires, other options

    Ive just swapped from 4s that was about £97,000 to a Turbo £121,000 :facepalm: I still have 2 weeks before i have to lock my build spec in so no doubt i will add more stuff that i prob don’t need But as the residuals are higher on the turbo over 3yrs its only costing me another £9,000 and I’m...
  6. What changes are expected from June 2020 onwards

    The truth is the dealers know less than the most people on the forum, Porsche doesn’t really keep them updated so any info I from them may be bullshit I expect the colour options that are in the brochure will start to become available around June, along with the compulsory items some country’s...
  7. Tires, other options

    Looks great with the options you have added you cant be far off Turbo price? I’m interested to know Are there any taxes etc to add to the price? As your US prices are cheaper than our UK which surprises me as i would have thought the US would be more expensive with shipping and import costs
  8. Golf clubs in the boot

    That’s awesome thanks mate, my golf bags a lot bigger but its a great guide If you spec the 2+1 rear seat the drivers could through the middle if you folded the middle seat down Deffo getting bodies in these boots
  9. Golf clubs in the boot

    Great to hear, any issues to report? You still getting about 250m range?
  10. Golf clubs in the boot

    Thanks Pal I will let him know How’s the car? i’ve ordered a Turbo today so now have to cancel my 4s
  11. Golf clubs in the boot

    Does anyone think the subwoofer on the upgraded stereo options would prevent putting a dead body in the car ? Asking for a friend
  12. innodrive versus standard lane keep assist

    The Bentley one is very clever and steers, will go around roundabouts as long as there are road markings Also it adjusts the speed automatically when the speed limit changes It’s almost autopilot (less advanced) It struggles when it’s wet as it can’t always pick up the road markings As I’ve...
  13. What changes are expected from June 2020 onwards

    See pic attached and in the air con section it shows heat pump as standard, so worth checking your US spec sheet
  14. innodrive versus standard lane keep assist

    I’ve used the lane assist in the New Bentley Continental and hated it It’s clever With haptic feedback etc but very irritating I ended up turning it off Love the HUD and Night vision in it though as it’s all VW group I’m assuming the Taycan will be quite similar
  15. What changes are expected from June 2020 onwards

    Heat pump isn’t a option in the UK as it’s standard
  16. Golf clubs in the boot

    Am I correct in thinking the Bose stereo option takes up book space?
  17. Golf clubs in the boot

    Wow that boot is massive
  18. Any Taycans in the U.K. yet?

    Has it gone into production yet? If not any idea on dates?
  19. Any Taycans in the U.K. yet?

    Sorry I just assumed hey were LHD
  20. Any Taycans in the U.K. yet?

    It’s frustrating! The dealers I’m speaking with have said the same thing was told in September the dealer launch would be Nov, then Dec, then Jan!!! My dealer said yesterday that he has NO customers with confirmed delivery dates I’ve said for a while I don’t believe any RHD cars exist and we...