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  1. Wendal

    Dealing with the front license plate

    I’m confused. You can ask the dealership to not punch in the front plate? I also would like to do this. Please let me know how this can be done. Thank you
  2. Wendal

    Alternate wheel options ?

    The ones you are asking about are winter wheels. The rims do look decent, but at Porsche pricing. They are available in Canada.
  3. Wendal

    Drove Home My Taycan Turbo S! First to Roll off Dealer's Lot.

    F UUUuuuUuUuuUuUu! Congrats man, I am so jelly! When you have time in the next week or so please do a pros and cons review of the car. Would be real nice to hear it from a taycan owner.
  4. Wendal

    So based on the new EPA "Range" are you cancelling?

    It really sucks to hear that the range is super low, in fact I’m disappointed. However I’m still going to buy a 4s. Do your homework and see if it’s worth it to you to buy! If you don’t like the range or because the trunk is too small, then don’t buy it... Beggers can’t be choosers! I too...
  5. Wendal

    Taycan 4s in the snow!

    Epic video! It’s nice to see what the 4s is capable of. (As to always watching turbo and turbo s videos)
  6. Wendal

    5 Stars on EURO NCAP crash-test

    Its always a bonus to have extra. We are paying a premium for this car. This will justify some of the $$$ going to my car at least!
  7. Wendal

    My Spec and a couple of questions

    Wow thanks for that!!!! I was in limbo with those, what about the PTV+. Can someone shed some of their personal experiences? Or their $0.02. And please rate which one you think would be worth getting to the least between: rad, ptv+ or pdcc sport. thanks in advance.
  8. Wendal

    My Spec and a couple of questions

    What about the battery performance plus? I know you added that, but it’s about $7500 for about 50-70kms (sales told me) and a little more in hp. Is that worth the $7500? or am I missing something? Because I am pushing/ delaying my slot for the June 2020 built. (It comes mandatory in Canada to...
  9. Wendal

    Which Colors ?

    I am also disappointed with the colour choices. It would be awesome if they made a dark purple, a yellow and/or another shade of red. I am debating between white or silver with matching colours on the mission e wheels. (However I think if not all, most of the Taycans will be black, white or...
  10. Wendal

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    I am getting really annoying with Porsche atm. I just got called in to place my order. I went on my other website to rebuild my car. They recently updated their website and now the 4s must include the battery plus , as well as the panoramic roof and home connect charger. Which is an $11,000...
  11. Wendal

    New Members Say Hello Here!

    Hello, To all my Taycan/ Porsche/ car members, *waves* Been a long time lurker. (Since 2018) On hold in position for first allocation in BC, Canada. Originally wanted the turbo, but price was out of reach, now looking forward to the 4s. (Finally got a call to go in and configure my car) :D