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  1. Tested: Porsche Taycan beats EPA rating in winter

    For what it is worth, I took delivery of my CT Turbo S (on 20' winter tires) two days before Xmas in Switzerland, drove about 600 miles in a few trips varying just a few minutes to a about one or two hours in temperature at or around freezing. My average is just about 28 to 29 kWh/100km. For...
  2. Real World Range Experience So Far +Recup Use and Range Mode

    Hi, Very new to EV and just took delivery of my Taycan CT Turbo S on 23. December 21. Now on holidays but I drove about 700 kms before leaving it in my garage. For info, I live in Switzerland and the temperatures were between minus 5 to plus 5 degrees centigrade during those 700 kms. I drove...
  3. ICE GREY Taycan Club

    Hi I am new... Thought it was good for my first post on this forum to show some pics... Picking it up tomorrow