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  1. kmcdonal

    Taycan 4S vs Arctic Blast 2022: Stuttgart Strikes Back!

    I get as much as 250 miles of range in the winter, but if it is really cold and I have the heating system blasting, it can drop to 200.
  2. kmcdonal

    Sony announces electric cars.... What does that look like?

    That sure does look a lot like a Taycan at first blush.
  3. kmcdonal

    Taycan 4S vs Arctic Blast 2022: Stuttgart Strikes Back!

    I have left it outside and not plugged in at temps close to that and didn't have an issue. No clue what the battery temp was.
  4. kmcdonal

    Taycan 4S vs Arctic Blast 2022: Stuttgart Strikes Back!

    That is very similar to what I have seen under very cold conditions. I also love the ability to pre-heat the car before I jump in, but I totally agree that you have to watch the battery carefully at those temps. If you blast the heating, you can run down the battery pretty quickly.
  5. kmcdonal

    Winter 2021 road trip to Scotland

    Have fun. Sounds like a cool trip. Love the photo of charging on the ferry. I have the same tire / wheel setup as you have and have driven through the worst winter conditions imaginable on many occasions (e.g., clear ice so thick you could skate on it to 8" of unplowed snow). Short of going...
  6. kmcdonal

    RAS without PSP in US

    I had exactly the same perspective as you. I wanted RAS but not PSP. I am old enough to have driven the 911 when the steering was so heavy that you literally got a bicep workout every time you drove it. I drove a Taycan with PSP, and it just didn't feel the way I wanted - totally personal...
  7. kmcdonal

    Winter vs all-season tires?

    I too live in Colorado. I am a skier so when they are telling people to stay off the roads, I am often heading up to the mountains. Most of my miles in the Taycan have been in the mountains. I run all seasons during the summer and snows during the winter. I have only driven the all seasons...
  8. kmcdonal

    911 Turbo vs Taycan Turbo S comparison at PEC LA

    I just wanted to share a few thoughts based on doing the "Taycan Turbo vs 911 Turbo" comparison at the Porsche Experience Center in LA today. I know that comparison comes up a fair bit on this forum. It was really interesting to drive those cars back to back. While I was supposed to drive the...
  9. kmcdonal

    VW Sales Are Going to Make EA Stations Even More Unusable

    The state of Colorado did a superb job filling out the charging network within the state. They looked at the map and figured out where the gaps were and then they came up with a plan to put chargers in all the key spots. The change in 18 months has been night and day. You don't need chargers...
  10. kmcdonal

    VW Sales Are Going to Make EA Stations Even More Unusable

    In Colorado we are seeing more and more L3 chargers from other providers (e.g., EVgo and Chargepoint). 18 months ago I was primarily charging at EA. In 2021 it was probably only 30% on EA. EVgo and Chargepoint have been rock solid for me. I cannot think of a failed charge on either of...
  11. kmcdonal

    First cold snap of the year...just watch that range tumble!

    Great chart. I would echo that I see almost exactly these figures with my 4S with 20" wheels.
  12. kmcdonal

    Home charging advice (yes another thread, I know!)

    My electrician didn't need any specs. I got my garage wired months before the car arrived. The only things that the electricians was unsure about were where I wanted the outlet placed and which way I wanted the plug facing. Placement on the wall didn't actually matter that much. The direction...
  13. kmcdonal

    First cold snap of the year...just watch that range tumble!

    I would just add that I notice that defrost crushes my range. If I go light on defrost, my range typically goes from ~300 miles in the summer to 225-250 miles if the weather is around 32F and down to ~200 miles if the temperature drops to 10F or lower. If I hammer the defrost, range will go...
  14. kmcdonal

    Plug release return?

    I had to get the dealer fix it. They said something in the mechanism broke when I used it. They implied they were seeing other cases like mine.
  15. kmcdonal

    Winter daily?

    I think that is a good summary. I will just add that "all season" can mean a lot of things. I have driven all season tires that are closer to summer tires and some that were almost as good as dedicated winter tires. Each tire model is very unique and it is hard to know where a given tire...
  16. kmcdonal

    Winter daily?

    Here is a link to a post I made about winter driving last year where I included some photos of driving in 8" of unplowed snow. The photos don't quite do that storm justice, but let's just say that many of the roads had 8" or more of unplowed snow as the plows were waiting for the storm to end...
  17. kmcdonal

    Winter daily?

    My Taycan is my daily driver, and I used it all last year as my ski car. I drove it through some major snow storms where lots of cars and SUVs wound up in ditches. I drove a couple times in unplowed snow as deep as eight inches. Overall it was rock solid in the snow and I never felt like I...
  18. kmcdonal

    How do you guys drive to get your posted range!?

    I get about 300 miles during the summer and 200-250 miles during the cold weather. I drive in normal mode and have only used range mode twice in 18 months. I have a 4s with 20" wheels. Outside temperature has a huge impact. If you run defrost to heat up the glass in the winter, range can...
  19. kmcdonal

    Taycan died at Electrify America charger - how to deal with it if it happens to you

    My dealership suggests the "lock your car for 20 minute" routine for just about any technical glitches. I have to say that it has worked for me for a variety of temporary glitches. It seems to be the equivalent of rebooting your computer when your computer gets glitchy.
  20. kmcdonal

    I am watching the “sh*t show” that EA is live and in person

    Just one data point, but it has been 9 months since I charged anywhere aside from home. When I am on the road, I use EvGo and Chargepoint more than EA. I think I have always been successful at EvGo and Chargepoint. EA could fall off the grid tomorrow, and it would not be the end of the world...