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  1. A 2022 Cross Turismo 4S: From Order to Delivery to Mods

    Wow! Congrats! Waiting for your " Pending - Painted body color wheel arches" Saw this on Facebook. Painted wheel arches with gloss black bumper.
  2. Wattage of USB C ports

    Great! I want to use MagSafe too. Looks like I dont need to buy 20W charger into the 12v socket
  3. My Ride here at last - 2022 Volcano Grey CT4S

    Congrats! Mine is currently sitting at Port Emden.
  4. Long braking? Taycan Turbo (no PCCB)

    You have PSCB, upgraded one. I haven't got my 4s ct with PSCB yet, but I am surprised what you said about PSCB 😭
  5. 410mm PSCB vs stock 360mm brake rotor weight

    I think someone on this forum posted before. I remember PSCB>PCCB>standard rotors if you weight it.
  6. Lowering Links Cross Turismo

    Nice! So I don’t have to buy expensive $200 after market links.
  7. Delivery delays

    4S CT with a lot of options Ordered late April 2021 V200 6 July V250 19 Oct V260 26 Oct V300 4 Nov (original) V300 First delay: 26 Nov
  8. Anyone received a MY22 yet ?

    What is the 10th digit of the VIN? I believe if it's an M, it's 2021 and if it's an N, it's 2022
  9. PCM 6 in the Taycan

    Yes from Week 36 MY22 production begins
  10. Bose system on the Taycan, is it a good system?

    If you decided to get Bose don't forget the insulated glass option
  11. Taycan GTS to be announced this year?

    According to Taiwanese DMV : GTS is coming soon :cool:
  12. Can’t wait until tomorrow…..

    Still waiting 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Noise insulated glass option?

    2020 Porsche Taycan: Porsche's Thermally Insulated Glass vs. Spectra Photosync IRD I have ordered insulated glass and will add Solar Gard window tint too.
  14. My Cross Turismo 4S 'Sport' - Painted Arches

    I have spoke to my local paint shop and they have quoted me painted arches (they will sand it before paint it), front and rear bumper for total US$1250 ✌
  15. Retrofit Black Gloss Wheel Arch Trim To CT4?

    Got an quote for my 4s cross turismo convert into sport turismo paint cost. Parts and labour USD 1000 This is their recent paint job on taycan
  16. Air conditioning and panorama roof!

    Not yet, my ct4s will only arrive in November :crying: and yes I have the pano and thermally & noise insulated glass on order. My cayenne had full solar guard LX film and very happy with it. I am sure you can get it in Shenzhen
  17. Air conditioning and panorama roof!

    You will have to compare roughly same % Visible Light Transmittance with TSER % :like:
  18. Air conditioning and panorama roof!

    This is what I am going to get for my CT. Front LX70 with Pano roof and the rest LX55 way better than ceramic film ( % Total Solar Energy Rejected) but LX film will block GPS signal inside taycan, so you need to install GPS signal booster inside the car.
  19. My Cross Turismo 4S 'Sport' - Painted Arches

    Found this Sport Turismo look on internet and looks awesome.
  20. My Cross Turismo 4S 'Sport' - Painted Arches

    If you look closely at turbo s's wheel arches is actually gloss black. Standard on all turbo s.