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  1. My Taycan Turbo S on HRE P201

    that is one menacing looking vehicle...awesome.
  2. Anyone considering move to Lucid Air?

    I am probably in a similar place as you. Have 3 ICE and about 6m ago decided it was time I go EV. Ended up test driving a Tesla Model Y P and thought it was OK, but they shorted me on trade in value, so I ended up putting deposits on Rivian R1T, Lucid, and most recently a Porsche Taycan ST...
  3. Taycan options that will help with resale value

    I think whatever Taycan model/options you go with, you will be looking at heavy depreciation in a few years, as EV and battery tech will change drastically very quickly. You are buying tech relatively early in it's adoption, so that's the price we pay. I have agonized over this same issue of...