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  1. Rob28

    Second Set of Wheels- what wheels fit PSCB?

    Yes agreed, abuse on both your wheels and tires as you continue to swap. What I've done in the past is use the OEM wheels for winter and buy new wheels for summer. Its costly but its what I've done. I haven't shopped for either since covid started so I'm guessing the lack of supply you're seeing...
  2. Rob28

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    Yeah my dealer must have reached out to Porsche Canada to get some clarity because of my allocation. As cool as the VLC roof looks, I feel like I'd use it once and never again. My SQ5 has a large Pano roof and I never close the sunshade, I like the light coming in. VLC would be a party trick for...
  3. Rob28

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    Congratz on locking in! I was waiting for the sunroof but my dealer told me Q3 at the earliest for the VLC option. I posted those details in the other thread. I wanted my car sooner and wasn't looking to spend $5k+ on the sunroof. I'm doing a single pay lease - don't like car payments. Will...
  4. Rob28

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    I'm very excited for that red interior ☺️
  5. Rob28

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    Yes that was my original plan too. A lot of people seem to like the Vossen HF5 on the taycan. I have them on my SQ5 so I don't want the same ones. Took me a really really long time to find something I like. I looked at Vossen, avant garde, and Brixton Forged. Good luck with the wheels took me...
  6. Rob28

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    Awesome! And congrats! I'm actually in Toronto and agree on the all season tires. But I made the mistake of getting summer tires on my SQ5 and then swapping the wheels and using the OEM wheels for winter. I was limited in my selection of summer wheels. So I figured I'll use the 21's in the...
  7. Rob28

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    Thanks for the comments, you're making me defend my build hehe. Most options I chose are based on whether I can sell them to my wife hah. So in order: The seats - I chose the 18 way as they were standard on the GTS and I liked how they felt when we test drove. Couldn't get my wife in board...
  8. Rob28

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    I'm probably going to use the all seasons and rs wheels only in the winter. I'll very likely get 22' aftermarket wheels. 😁 Originally, was going to get the 20' aero wheels but I needed to increase the options, wife like the RS wheels
  9. Rob28

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA Here it is ☺️ I put a deposit down in Nov and my dealer held the first GTS allocation for me. Next deliveries after mine for GTS is Sept.
  10. Rob28

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    They wanted $35k CAD in options. Re: ceramics, they said Porsche Canada put a stop sale on ceramics for the taycan due to shortages due to covid. I guess the 911's on order need their ceramic brakes.
  11. Rob28

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    Finally locked in my GTS build! Volcano grey on red leather interior sitting on the RS wheels. Added the sport design package in carbon fiber too. My dealer required a certain $$ in options and I was told the ceramic brakes are on a stop sale so I swapped for the sport design package. Can't wait...
  12. Rob28

    Standard Pano Roof or Variable Light Control Roof?

    I heard from my dealer yesterday. Anyone in Canada wanting the VLC pano will have to wait until Q3 2022 so earliest deliveries are Aug/Sept. I'm skipping the VLC pano and getting my GTS in May/June (1 and only GTS allocation at my dealer)
  13. Rob28

    Standard Pano Roof or Variable Light Control Roof?

    Damn - not on the Canadian site yet - but also $3290 USD on top of the premium package.... not sure its worth it. Was thinking max $2k CAD.
  14. Rob28

    Standard Pano Roof or Variable Light Control Roof?

    Anyone hear rumors regarding the VLC Pano roof being available as an option. I have an allocation at the dealer but waiting on that option to lock it in. I'm getting so antsy waiting to lock in my GTS 😳
  15. Rob28

    High amount of second hand Taycans on the market ?

    I'm in Canada - there are 27 Taycans listed for resale, not sure the split between 2020 or 2021 - I'd say slim pickings in Canada for a used Taycan.
  16. Rob28

    Taycan 4S Build - or jump to GTS?

    That's a nice build! I haven't received my GTS yet but I was told the power steering plus is a necessity, rear wheel steering is up in the air, some will say you need it others that you don't but the power steering plus is must (at least from my research). Also, the mobile charger and 7.5m cable :)
  17. Rob28

    Taycan 4S tuning - hypothetically

    The new GTS is said to have the same motors as the Turbo or Turbo S, Is it then hypothetically possible to 'alter/tune/hack/upgrade' (whatever you want to call it) the software and unlock the same power as the Turbo S in the GTS?
  18. Rob28

    Which is better lowering links or Cete lowering device

    Curious about this too - installation for the links seems easier and cheaper but the options of the Cete module seem better. Anyone install the cete module? was it difficult?
  19. Rob28

    My Taycan Turbo S on HRE P201

    What diffuser do you have installed? The wheels, the satin finish, and the diffuser look amazing! Congratz.
  20. Rob28

    Aftermarket wheels for Taycan

    These are not my cars but here are a few shots of Taycan's on Avant Garde wheels. These are the AG Luxury wheels so either 2/3 piece or monoblock forged. I am considering 22's on my GTS when it arrives...