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  1. PPF done and finally got some miles on it.

    I paid $9600 - that was full body xpel PPF - they remove panels, mirrors, lights etc to wrap edge, gtechniq halo and then Modesta bc-06 on the wheels and calipers (might not be as necessary with the brakes used on the turbo). The PPF protects the paint and has self-healing qualities. The...
  2. PPF done and finally got some miles on it.

    Still awaiting delivery! :( thank you for reminding me!
  3. PPF done and finally got some miles on it.

    Already done; but that was when I got back from detailer and now car is filthy and I can’t clean it for a week - so used these pics I took at pickup. First drive was fantastic, 400 miles - spoilt only by fun with EA chargers and freezing weather.
  4. Apple Music Login Issue

    Will do, but it’s a one month min contract - so going to be a few weeks.
  5. PPF done and finally got some miles on it.

    It probably does; but that’s chalk :). I optioned only the front and side skirts - didn’t like the flicks on the rear - seems like a dirt trap.
  6. Battery decline when parked

    I saw mine drop around 1-2% a day when at the detailers getting PPF. I figured it was doors opening preheat/precool, lights and other things the does "intelligently". Some places will put the key on the windshield, could something like that stop the car sleeping?
  7. Apple Music Login Issue

    I have cancelled my subscription (not going to pay for it just for Apple Music when I can do that via CarPlay) - so will know for sure.
  8. Apple Music Login Issue

    Btw, other functions (OTA update, weather etc) were working without this data plan - only issue was Apple Music login. So I know the onboard data plan was functional.
  9. Apple Music Login Issue

    The registration error says to check data connectivity. The trick will be to see if it stops if I disable it again - unfortunately it will be 30 days until I know because it’s a minimum one month contract.
  10. Apple Music Login Issue

    This is the wording on the data connection option:
  11. Apple Music Login Issue

    I signed up for the data plan on my Porsche and then the apple login just worked. Reading the description of the data plan it explicitly mentions for Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and WiFi-hotspot.
  12. Follow Shipping

    I was using; I just used the free service.
  13. Follow Shipping

    Yes, it will show the name of the vessel. Several free trackers - but the free stuff doesn’t work the entire way because you’ll need satellite tracking for that which is a paid option on most sites once you get out further to sea.
  14. New Taycan won’t charge

    Try the bundled charger?
  15. Driver’s door popped open whilst driving!

    Im sure Porsche marketing will pitch it as a feature; just like the battery starts a pre-heat before you get to your charging destination; the car start to open doors as you get near to your destination as an exit optimization. :)
  16. Personalized License / Vanity Plates - What's Yours?

    Ohio it’s an extra $50 a year and more options than in the UK (without spending mega money). my plate in the UK only cost £400 and didn’t require an annual fee. I had GH55 RAH - my initials and my ex-wife’s initials - obviously I didn’t keep the plate :)
  17. Pre-winter wash.

    I just use a "Rigid 4 Gallon 5.0-Peak HP Portable Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum with Fine Dust Filter, Hose and Accessories" Air is slightly warmed by the heat from motor and blows the car dry real quick. I also got the "1-1/4 in. Premium Car Cleaning Accessory Kit for RIDGID Wet/Dry Shop Vacuums" -...
  18. Another TYD question...

    How long after vehicle delivery of vehicle did it take for their order to disappear from their Porsche login? My car arrived on the 28th, and I had it shipped out of the dealer on 6th but it still shows as delivered - contact your dealer for collection.
  19. Dash cams

    Thank you! I have the BlackVue in my Raptor today and most likely will add one to the Taycan. Nice tip on the keeping the fuse box retainer piece Taped to the cabling - I just threw mine into the tool chest when hardwiring radar in the Macan and Cayman.