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  1. For those awaiting delivery, my experience after my first week...

    To add to the positive experiences, my car doesn’t seem to have any major issues. I have a 22’ 4S that I received a month ago, and everything works. No alarm issue, Porsche connect worked without a hitch, AM login works, plug’n’charge with Electrify America worked every time, My Porsche app...
  2. For those awaiting delivery, my experience after my first week...

    My car has about 1200 miles on it, and the 85% percent mileage gradually changed from 170-ish to 209. I have never charged it to 100% yet, but the 85% number is definitely climbing. Also agree with annoyance of not closing when you leave. I have a BMW that auto-opens and closes, so I have to...
  3. Apple Music: via PCM vs. CarPlay - what are the pros and cons?

    I sometimes forget my phone, so native Apple Music helps. Also sometimes use it to be able to use a touchpad when driving, as touchpad doesn’t work with CarPlay content.
  4. Taycan owner for 2 days, love the car but software bugs galore!

    I had this the other day (don’t have any other major software issues). I just shutdown the car, opened/closed the door 2 times to emulate the driver leaving and coming back, and then in appeared. So, a restart was needed. overall, my car doesn’t have any major software issues, but random...
  5. How have you configured your centre display and hot key?

    Steering wheel button - next track Instrument cluster button - sport sound. I use it when enter areas with walking people, like parking or something like that. Originally set it to Homelink, but, as you said, GPS-bases one works so well. Central display - default, but will add media favorites...
  6. Rear Axle Steering

    Totally worth it. Makes the car very nimble on the parking lots and easy parking for a big car. RWS makes the turning radius less then Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series
  7. A 2022 Cross Turismo 4S: From Order to Delivery to Mods

    Looks nice. What window tint percentage did you do?
  8. Alarm keeps going off

    Does anyone know when the issue will be fixed? I've got my new 4S, successfully logged into Porsche ID on the car but did not install the app on the phone. There is no alarm issues currently, without using double-press to lock the car, and without disabling interior monitoring. I'd love to...
  9. San Diego Port Experience

    Mine is still at the port. 2 weeks now
  10. San Diego Port Experience

    Congrats, nice car! Looks like Benecia is a more efficient port. Funny thing is that I’m actually in the Bay Area but buying from LA dealer due to allocations. When the ship left San Diego, TYD didn’t get updated, and I thought they are smart enough to actually ship it to the Benecia, closer to...
  11. San Diego Port Experience

    no, still at the port. TYD date got updated to 19th, bu that date is nothing more than a guidance :)
  12. San Diego Port Experience

    My car was on RCC Europe in San Diego on 5th. The ship left on 6th, but it was set to Port Processing only on 8th (Monday). I assume nobody is working there on weekends. I’m still waiting for the car on the truck to dealer
  13. San Diego Port Experience

    Mine didn’t get processed today. Hopefully it’s going to be done next week
  14. San Diego Port Experience

    FWIW, my car arrived in San Diego last Friday, went into port processing on Monday and is still in that status. Supposed to be done and delivered to the LA area dealer today, but we’ll see
  15. So, is it acceptable or normal for dealerships to add $20k Premium?

    That’s why I’m getting my cars through brokers. I got a Honda Accord years ago, and Star One credit union, who financed my purchase, had a free car brokering service. They shopped around for me, and delivered the car to my home, and I signed everything there on the spot. And that was years ago...
  16. Allocations?

    I’m in the SF Bay Area, so they found an allocation with the soonest delivery, and that was in Beverly Hills. He did say, at the time, that a lot of dealerships are selling cars to be delivered 5-6 months in the future. In my case he found an allocation for a build a month from the order...
  17. Allocations?

    It's fine, a second car I'm getting through them. The first one was a custom order X5 hybrid during early times of COVID. I knew exactly the car I wanted, gave them the build and they found allocation and negotiated a discount (75k -> 69k). I guess it's possible to get a better discount...
  18. Allocations?

    I used Cartelligent, and in early August they found an allocation for a build that was supposed to start last week, but got pushed by a week.
  19. Thoughts on this configuration? ALK is $956 each plus taxes. LKA (Lane Keep Assist) is in the base, I think. LCA (Lane Change Assist) can't be had as FoD.
  20. Thoughts on this configuration?

    it seems that the only way to get ALK without Innodrive is to build a car with ACC and then add ALK as FoD. At least it should work that way in US