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  1. Super Charging observations with a cold battery

    Or maybe the conclusion should be: charge before parking the car for a longer time while the battery is still warm / you have the ability to precondition while driving. This will save time compared to charging it the next day. Al dependent on personal time schedule.
  2. Performance Roof Box + Thule WingBars = Noise Issues

    I don’t have my car yet. Hopefully in a couple of weeks. I have also ordered the Thule wingbars but with a Thule Vector M roofbox. I hope I will be able to put in on the Taycan and that it doesn’t have a conflict with the roof with the low position of the wingbars.
  3. Upgraded from 2020 Taycan 4S to 2022 Taycan 4S

    PDLS + does a bit more. It automatically switches on the high beams when no other drivers around but also lowers the high beam when other cars appear ahead until a point when the car ahead is too close and they are switched off. So it is but adaptive too but not as adaptive as matrix.
  4. Got a Build slot

    Did you get an email from Porsche Germany or from the dealer? My car should be rolling out of the factory February 4th and I made the final changes is my configuration the first week of January. Would be nice if we could track the car while being build here in Europe like it is possible in the US.
  5. My (new to me) Taycan 4S, number of questions

    The seat backs are not covered in leather with the normal full leather but with olea leather they are covered with leather. I think there is a thread when you search for olea leather you should find it. Kind of strange choosing such an expensive option as individual stitching but not full...
  6. Missing Matrix Headlights?

    Good news! Lucky you. So you should have your car in a few weeks. My lock date was last week. After the news came matrix wasn’t available anymore.
  7. Missing Matrix Headlights?

    From another thread
  8. Missing Matrix Headlights?

    Standard LED and LED with pdls plus look the same. Matrix have a different look.
  9. Missing Matrix Headlights?

    They don’t look the same. The matrix look a bit better. But I also chose for pdls + like you. Didn’t want to wait 6 months.
  10. Missing Matrix Headlights?

    You can also order pdls plus as function on demand. So I think it is primarily software. FOD however currently not available for Model year 2022. Good luck.
  11. Missing Matrix Headlights?

    I ordered a CT4 so I was downgrade to standard LED but I ordered the optional PDLS + that are still available. If you ordered a 4S you will be downgraded to PDLS + because it is standard on the 4S.
  12. Missing Matrix Headlights?

    My dealer didn’t hear of it either and assured me there was no problem three weeks ago. Got a phone call a couple of days later confirming I was well informed and he wasn’t and matrix lights were taken out of my configuration.
  13. Missing Matrix Headlights?

    It is still available in the Belgian and Dutch configurator too. In other countries it was taken out. But it isn’t available for my Belgian order that will be build next week.
  14. Driving Assistance Thread: ACC, LKA, ALK, and InnoDrive

    I had a similar function on my X5. It worked but not always. So at the end I didn’t activate it. I only used ACC and ALK.
  15. Missing Matrix Headlights?

    I had them on my X5 so I ordered them on my Taycan. It is nice but not a deal breaker however for me. I will be happy with PDLS plus which is still available.
  16. Driving Assistance Thread: ACC, LKA, ALK, and InnoDrive

    I have ordered ACC and I was going to get ALK as FOD. However, apparently for now FOD is not available for model 2022. Will hopefully be solved. My dealer advised against Innodrive in Belgium because of fantom braking. I will give it a try when FOD for model 2022 is available
  17. Missing Matrix Headlights?

    Same here. Ordered a CT4 end of November. Production next week. Matrix light were canceled 2 weeks ago. I live in Belgium. Also confirmed by other Europeans on this forum. Did you hear anything from your dealer?
  18. Porsche Intelligent Range Manager

    This will be my trip in a couple of weeks. Multiple chargers on highway parkings / gas stations in Germany. Almost all of them 250 kw or more. The alternative would be to go through France. However only three high speed chargers available between Luxemburg and Basel. And one off them is always...
  19. How do I lock my 4S without enabling Interior Monitor Alarm?

    Good news. So my CT4 that goes in to production should be Ok.
  20. Porsche Intelligent Range Manager

    How did the car perform for this trip? I am planning the same trip in a couple of weeks. Did you use a roof box ? I looked at it in ABRP and it looks like in Germany almost every gas station along the autobahn also has a fast charger. I think I am going to follow ABRP and use the suggested...