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  1. MBChicago

    [Livestream] Porsche live at the IAA

    So when do you think we will see some type of production model for the average joe?
  2. MBChicago

    Free Charging Sessions Today via Electrify America

    the Chicagoland area is also having the same problems with the EA network as well. In addition, most suburban areas are pushing back on installing chargers so overall the network here is poor.
  3. MBChicago

    Free Charging Sessions Today via Electrify America

    Not that this matters if you are using the porsche charging service. However, went to charge up this morning and found out EA is providing complementary sessions today.
  4. MBChicago

    Building out a DIY Car Detail Center in 3-Car Garage - Advice Needed

    I would add a water filtration system from Culligan or a water deionizer system which will prevent water spots from "regular" water mineral buildup.
  5. MBChicago

    Day after purchasing Taycan 4S Electrical system error and bricked car in the middle of the highway.

    Sorry to hear about this scary experience. Glad you and anyone else in the vehicle are ok! What was the time between the error notification and complete power loss.
  6. MBChicago

    Front End Only vs Full Car PPF

    Hey Folks! Beginning my Porsche journey with the Taycan in a city with terrible roads all year around. Wondering how many of you did the the front end only vs the full car?
  7. MBChicago

    Documentation gold mine

    Great find!
  8. MBChicago

    Powered Charge Port Cover - YES or No?

    Currently do not have it but definitely regret it.
  9. MBChicago

    Squeaking/squealing noise (outside of car)

    Yep! Due to normal mechanical expansion from normal use (friction) of the brake and axel systems . The sounds range from low screeching, to soft squeal, soft scraping. However, it will eventually go away after a while. If you take it into a dealership they will most likely clean off the rotors...
  10. MBChicago

    Squeaking/squealing noise (outside of car)

    This is normal. It is your brake system. Panamera's have the same exact issue and dealers cannot do much about it.