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  1. MissionC

    Best Range Yet After 100% Charge

    FWIW, my range right now is definitely not top-tier due to cold weather, but I routinely got the below on several jaunts I took over the summer. 2020 4S with, gasp, 20“ all seasons on Turbo wheels, driving between 65-75 MPH. I took this right before a trip from south of Boston to Portland, ME...
  2. MissionC

    Financing the 4S

    +1 on BofA. I’m a platinum honors yada yada member and used them to finance my 4S purchase in June 2020. Just went back to check and I could now get a new car loan for 1.79% APR with all the discounts. I may call them next week and see if I can do a refi at that level!
  3. MissionC

    How I fixed the door rattles

    I’ve got the rattles in my front passenger door as well on MY20. I patched it by slicing some sections off a wine cork to use as a shim between the door frame and the bottom section of the panel like others have done with felt. When I take mine in for the latest recall going to ask the dealer to...
  4. MissionC

    Winter daily?

    Love it! My dad drove me to elementary school in his ‘72 911E and later in his 944 and we lived in western MA as well. Both cars were great in the snow, except the door lock mechanisms on the 911 would freeze in the open position, leaving my dad to hold the doors shut while trying to drive after...
  5. MissionC

    336 Miles at 100%!

    I rarely charge to 100%, but when I do I easily get > 300 miles estimated range for my 4S w/Performance Battery Plus (20" Turbo wheels). When I charge to 80%, I usually have 260-275 miles estimated range.
  6. MissionC

    Repeated PCM Calendar app updates

    The constant updates for Calendar have abated for me. I think the last notification I got was 3-4 weeks ago and have only seen standard Maps updates since. I'm suspecting it was a back-end issue that Porsche figured out how to resolve, at least for me :cool:
  7. MissionC

    Porsche Announces Mission R EV Sports Car Concept

    Maybe, but I bet the Taycan will keep the current transmission through the J1.2 update. My favorite quote from an Automobile mag Taycan prototype review: They must have seriously reworked the power delivery mechanism to not have a transmission in the Mission R.
  8. MissionC

    Dealing with the front license plate

    I needed to get my Taycan inspected (I was actually quite overdue and completely forgot about it) and used the 3M double-sided tape. Worked great and was easy to get the plate on and off. Like the photo above, I used the front bumper mount supplied with car and put some tape on the lower tabs...
  9. MissionC

    Porsche Taycan passive and active aerodynamics

    In the video you can see a cable running from the car off the screen. That’s likely connected to a laptop running Porsche’s diagnostic software where techs can activate certain functions while the car is stationary.
  10. MissionC


    Are there any other variables in the pattern of folks experiencing this issue? Is it more common with a certain set of options (like ACC or InnoDrive)? When you’ve experienced the issue, is it the result of getting in your car and going right away or did you sit for a minute and let the car...
  11. MissionC

    A few days with an ICE car

    Just filled up my wife’s SUV (we needed one with three rows that wasn’t a Suburban) for ~$60. The cost of gas is one thing, it’s the lack of anything happening when I mash the go pedal. I can hear the turbos spin up, the car preparing to do something, and then power hits. I’m completely ruined...
  12. MissionC

    PCM 6.0 Announcement - Coming to the Taycan soon?

    Looks like they’re bringing the PCM from the Taycan to more models:
  13. MissionC

    Shout out to Electrify America

    I made a stop yesterday at the EA location in Auburn, MA and it was the first time everything “just worked.” Granted, I’ve used EA chargers about 5-6 times since I received my car last July, but this was the best experience I’ve had. Also, I was really impressed with my range on the trip I took...
  14. MissionC

    Repeated PCM Calendar app updates

    Since getting my Taycan software update installed, and after the first round of post-dealer OTA updates, the PCM prompts me to upgrade the Calendar app every day. It’s always to the same version, 3.4.26, and when I perform the update it appears to be successfully installed. I don’t have the...
  15. MissionC

    Apple Music app not appearing in media

    Have you checked on the My Porsche website to make sure your Apple ID for Apple Music is linked to your Porsche account? If you log into and go to Services > Apple Music, make sure your account is linked up there.
  16. MissionC

    Apple Music Announces Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos

    The Apple Lossless, and other ”lossless” formats are definitely better than CD quality. CDs were not the pinnace of audio quality and introduced their own compromises. The standard CD audio format that’s been around since the early ‘80s is 16-bit at 44.1 kHz. What Apple just released is 24-bit...
  17. MissionC

    Comm Module Shortage?

    My Gateway module needed to be replaced and it took over a week to get the part (just came in today) and I think Porsche’s stocks are running low. My dealer told me they were seeing longer lead times for other parts so I don’t think Porsche is at all immune to the impact on them and their...
  18. MissionC

    Siri glitching & not reading whole sentences.

    I had the same issue using wireless CarPlay in the loaner Macan S I’m in right now. Rebooting my iPhone (11 Pro running iOS 14.5.1) seemed to clear it up. had no problems when wired.
  19. MissionC

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    I’m in the same boat. My Gateway module failed and it took over a week for the part to arrive (just came in today from Germany). The Macan S I have as a loaner is a fine car and I’m sure I’d like it a lot more if I hadn’t been utterly spoiled by 9 months in my Taycan. This is the first issue I...
  20. MissionC

    Porsche Intelligent Range Manager Worth having?

    I have it, but don’t take many long trips. The primary value for me isn’t the trip planning aspect, but the ability for the car to start warming up the battery as I get close to a charging station for maximum effectiveness (granted, if EA’s network were reliable, this would be much more...