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  1. MissionC

    Repeated PCM Calendar app updates

    Since getting my Taycan software update installed, and after the first round of post-dealer OTA updates, the PCM prompts me to upgrade the Calendar app every day. It’s always to the same version, 3.4.26, and when I perform the update it appears to be successfully installed. I don’t have the...
  2. MissionC

    911 Winter Wheel and Tire Set

    19” Silver painted Stark Design BC wheels with Pirelli Sottozerro Series 2 winter wheels. Front tires 235/35 R 19, rear tires 295/30 R 19. Wheels purchased Oct 2015 and tires purchased Nov 2018, with less than 3,500 miles on them. Hoteled by my Porsche dealer during the off season and balanced...
  3. MissionC

    JD Power Taycan Survey

    I got a JD Power Taycan survey in the snail mail today. Anyone else received it? I have, thus far, had a very trouble-free experience with my car (my heart does go out to the folks who’ve had to deal with battery and software campaigns), so most of my feedback was positive except for the...
  4. MissionC

    2021 Taycan Changes & New Features — Official Announcement

    Here’s Porsche’s official 2021 Taycan announcement listing new features: Very interested to read more and understand how many of the...
  5. MissionC

    New Automobile mag review on Taycan More reviews trickling in. The excitement continues to ratchet up!
  6. MissionC

    Automobile Mag Taycan review: The Porsche Taycan Turbo Redefines Speed and Acceleration

    Ridealong review @ Lots of details, including power, pricing, and options. Has me even more excited! Pics from article: