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  1. CT Cross Turismo w/ ORDP and Plastic Arches Removed [Photos}

    Since they're in the front and rear bumper, perhaps a front and rear clear reflector could be fitted over the holes to avoid body work for those without the ORDP and a filler plug for the fender hole. Otherwise, we could always leave it as speed holes.
  2. CT Cross Turismo w/ ORDP and Plastic Arches Removed [Photos}

    That's fantastic. Where are the other two? For the side marker lights, did you use the parts from the sport turismo?
  3. Buying Taycan 4S out of state

    I've found that most dealers who are open to selling to people out of state, are also open to shipping the vehicle. You're likely looking for an open slot that is immediately available. This thread speaks to dealing with the dealer I didn't want to be put on a list with a deposit down with no...
  4. January Delivery @Jacksonville Port (US Southeast destination)

    Has anybody asked to keep the bow? :) Great to see another one delivered.
  5. Taycan Aero Wheels Painted Black

    100% valid point that the heat could cause deformities and worse. I think I have a higher chance of the sun causing a problem with the wrap than the way I drive. Those aggressive / track days are not returning for another two decades.
  6. March 2022 US Deliveries

    Based on observations, the order created date I also see as when the order is updated. For each update I've made, the actual date of milestone completion happens to be the date that I made the change.
  7. Sport Turismos for all - which one would you pick (4S, GTS or Turbo)?

    Definitely disappointing to see if they don't introduce the other variants for the ST in the US. In the states, the pricing difference I think is a bit larger. For instance, my 4S CT vs. GTS ST has a price difference of about 15k.
  8. March 2022 US Deliveries

    🍿🍿🍿🍿 4S CT Mamba Green scheduled for delivery at the end of March in MD.
  9. Battery decline when parked

    Perhaps it's been powered on constantly.
  10. Sport Turismos for all - which one would you pick (4S, GTS or Turbo)?

    I would have gone for a PB+ RWD Sport Turismo instead of the 4S CT (order locked yesterday). Anybody have any leads for the US to get the non-GTS sport turismo?
  11. For those awaiting delivery, my experience after my first week...

    Appreciate the post. I've been soothing my anxiety with ... "Don't worry about it... there is a lemon law...". These posts are my anti-anxiety pills.
  12. Discount on custom build

    The negotiation should decide if they get your business or not. If you place a deposit, they have your business. In short, negotiations/terms should be set before any exchange of funds. To "set", would require that it's in writing that would pass scrutiny.
  13. Taycan plastic parts - modification ideas?

    You can get it wrapped in high gloss black and it'll be less fuss.
  14. Custom Rear Bike Rack Installed with 1up Trays

    This is fantastic. Got a CAD that you can share? I was looking for a way to mount a rack to carry a cooler for camping and this would be awesome. I'm thinking of a rack mounted on a two sleeve tubes that would slide on to your tubes and held in place with pins. That'll give me the ability to...
  15. Advice on best way to sell 2021 4S

    See what the usual suspects will give you for the car, i.e. carvana, vroom, etc. I generally go private party. With respect to test drives, I have a rule of: Valid license, valid insurance, I'm in the car, though, for this car, the test drive rule would be that I'm driving unless you're putting...
  16. How do I lock my 4S without enabling Interior Monitor Alarm?

    You're in California with a strong lemon law. You can force the issue and they have 30 days to rectify it. If enough people did this, I'd imagine this would be a high priority fix.
  17. Dash cams

    Has anybody installed the rear camera on the CT? I'm interested in how they routed the wiring into the hatch. In SUVs I would take down the roof lining and route it through the wiring loom into the hatch but not sure I want to do that in a new car.
  18. Standard Pano Roof or Variable Light Control Roof?

    3290 for the sedan on top of the premium package. Any insights into why it's not offered on the sport turismo yet? My dealer let me know that the roof will only be available starting in April builds.
  19. Egress Warner

    that sounds like a dealership fail (which they eventually made right). I would have imagined that they had checked compatibility and swapped out the internals. Curious, did they tell you up front or not? This will make me want to check the vin number on all the panels before taking delivery. I...
  20. Closing the doors

    On frameless windows, I push on the window right above the body panel. Though, I can't imagine it will break very easily unless a person hulks it.