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  1. Wheel & Tire Protection Plan

    Wow! I just paid £299 for ours. Tyres only, but even the Porsche product including wheels was only £799. why does it cost SO much more in America?
  2. Wheel & Tire Protection Plan

    Am I misunderstanding something here? In the US Porsche charges two to three THOUSAND dollars for wheel and tyre insurance??
  3. RBR - Delivery of 4S Cross Turismo

    great news - especially on range. I’ve been so impressed with how far I can take the iPace that if the taycan matches (or even beats) that I’ll be sorted.
  4. RBR - Delivery of 4S Cross Turismo

    That’s great feedback - anything you miss about the jag? I really like mine but I can get a well specked 4S CT for nearly the same monthly cost so fancy a change.
  5. RBR - Delivery of 4S Cross Turismo

    that’s a beautiful looking car. I’m just in the process of looking for my next car (currently in an iPace on lease)… this may very well be what I go for next