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  1. Mad Pat 66

    Personalized License / Vanity Plates - What's Yours?

    I have PR08CHE on my Taycan and most people think it’s an attempt to spell the car’s manufacturer, where it’s actually my name, P ROCHE
  2. Mad Pat 66

    Personalized License / Vanity Plates - What's Yours?

    I only ever space the front plate, not the rear, and have only ever had a problem from an officer on foot patrol who reported me🙄
  3. Mad Pat 66

    Strange Braking Issue

    I have just noticed a significant change in braking performance that sounds similar to yours. My 2020 4S has been fine until yesterday when I used the recup mode for the first time in over 6 months. Following this the gradual braking over distance was fine, but at lower speeds/coming to a stop...
  4. Mad Pat 66

    Range drop 🤦‍♂️

    I have one of the first 4S Std battery cars delivered to the U.K. and when it arrived, November, the range was around 190 miles, but as the months passed I got this up to a max of 245; however, as Winter approaches again, the range has dropped to the 200 mile mark. Temps have been reasonably...
  5. Mad Pat 66

    Front Axle Resonating Noise on Highway - Maintenance Throttle

    I have an 8 month old 4S and have a similar resonating noise which only comes on at higher speeds and immediately stops if you take your foot off the accelerator. It does resemble the sound a worn wheel bearing would make. Porsche said they can’t test it because it comes on in excess of 70mph...
  6. Mad Pat 66

    Powered Charge Port Cover - YES or No?

    I went for the manual, and while I can understand why some owners chose to have the powered port covers I personally like the clean lines of the manual ones and spent the money elsewhere - the wheels for instance - just love the Mission E wheels. Each unto their own though.
  7. Mad Pat 66

    Sport design side skirt install after purchase?

    Haven’t found it any more of a problem than other cars I’ve had.
  8. Mad Pat 66

    Sport design side skirt install after purchase?

    I reversed the colours on the side skirts on my 4S so the insert is black and the body of the skirt matches the car (white). I also painted the lower front bumper and think it has added to the looks of the car, but that’s just my opinion. There are pics of the car on this forum.
  9. Mad Pat 66

    Sport design side skirt install after purchase?

    I had the lower part of my 4S front bumper painted to match the rest of the car and so far so good 🤞I also reversed the colours on the side skirts to black on white from white on black and lowered the paint on the plastic part of the rear bumper.
  10. Mad Pat 66

    100% charge showing 175 mile range

    I took delivery of my 4S 79Kwh in November last year and saw a full charge in the early days as low as 170; however, it’s gradually improved and is now regularly at 234-5 and if put in range mode 241. AC and demisters take about 22 miles off the range while heated seats have no impact.
  11. Mad Pat 66

    2021 Taycan software update experience

    Mine been in 3 times and not put a charge into on each occasion, which surprised me.
  12. Mad Pat 66

    Custom Mod: Painted Front Bumper Vents on Taycan

    A few understated paint mods to my 4S. Definitely think leaving the vents alone and having a contrast on the rear bumper is a better bet than the full colour coding.
  13. Mad Pat 66

    Taycan 4S vs. Turbo: Wham

    I’ve had my 4S 4 months and love how it drives; the initial punch of acceleration catches everybody out first time. Porsche centre in U.K. said “fast is fast”, be it a 4S, Turbo or Turbo S and it certainly feels that way.
  14. Mad Pat 66

    2021 Taycan software update experience

    Mine went in 9.00am last Thursday for the 4hr update and it was still with them midday Friday, at which point I was told the update had “fried” the PCM and it needed a replacement unit, which was on back order from Germany. Apparently it was the third such issue with a Taycan.
  15. Mad Pat 66

    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    I had the update done last Thursday and it “fried” the PCM and a whole new unit is now on back order 🙄
  16. Mad Pat 66

    Gloss black paint on the plastic parts

    I’ve just got my Taycan back from the body shop after a few tweaks to the paintwork: Gloss black wing mirror mounts and white lower mirror casing. Colour coded front and rear diffuser and bumper. Reversed the side skirts from white on black to black on white.
  17. Mad Pat 66

    Car died over night…

    It hasn’t been a problem since. The car had been driven every day and had only been left overnight. Reported it to Porsche when in to get PCM sorted, but they just looked blank. My biggest issue now is that after spending £2.5k on a 22Kw 3 phase charger I find that it’s only got an 11Kw on...