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  1. Taycan RWD

    Appreciate everyone’s thoughts. I once owned a Z3 and to this day is my favorite car I’ve owned. It handled like a dream, sat very low, convertible, and was super fun to drive. Except…it was slow off the line and also lacked the acceleration at higher speeds (sounds like the RWD doesn’t have...
  2. MY21 cross turismo further delays

    I don’t see Porsche giving compensation for delays because it would set a precedent. In the future, they’d have to give every customer compensation for a delay and who determines when a delay is compensable? Whereas now, they can point to things out of their control (force majeure) causing the...
  3. Taycan RWD

    For someone who has owned a number or other Porsche vehicles, how do you feel about the RWD? I’m thinking of a RWD now vs. the CT4 but am a bit concerned about the alleged “lack of power“ or “acceleration.” Mine will be a daily driver.
  4. Pics of Cross Turismo next to Sedan?

    Personally, the saloon looks better to me but that’s not to say the CT isn’t a beauty too. Aside from what others have already stated (CT is more practical, etc), the CT4 also comes with AWD, bigger battery, and air suspension when compared to the Taycan4.
  5. MY21 cross turismo further delays

    Plus, they can always point to force majeure (ie. Supply chain issues out of their control) vs paying every disgruntled customer (including me). Also saw folks on a macan board equally upset with delays.
  6. Stay with MY21 or move to a MY22?

    Very very helpful and was thinking the same (issue with 21s that doesn’t exist with 22s). As for my current decision, I was mainly concerned with the depreciation of the 21 but feel like less an issue as I could probably sell it at a profit now and won’t feel the pain of any depreciation until...
  7. Stay with MY21 or move to a MY22?

    Wow! Completed production?? It’s one data point but wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more stories like this (MY22 finished production before MY21).
  8. Stay with MY21 or move to a MY22?

    Very interesting. What factors led u to cancel and order a 22? Good luck to you! Hope it arrives soon.
  9. Crayon Turbo, do I go Black Olea or Blackberry/Bramble Leather?

    thank you for posting these pics! (Sorry for the delayed response) Looks amazing. Curious if you ever feel like it’s too much brown OR does it never cross your mind when you’re driving because of the perspective
  10. US Federal Tax Credit Changes/should I get MY2021 or MY2022?

    You can read about the proposed legislation but there’s nothing certain. Anyone who says “100%” is wrong. Politicians are floating around various proposals ranging from: higher credit for US made/union made cars, no credit for foreign made EVs (phased out over time), no credit at all for super...
  11. Stay with MY21 or move to a MY22?

    Yeah that’s what I said in my original post: “potential loss of federal credit (issue with both MY21 and MY22 since both prob won’t arrive until 22)”
  12. Stay with MY21 or move to a MY22?

    If the delays are caused by chip shortages, then it’s also conceivable that MY21s and MY22s will all be stuck at the factory waiting and they will install the chips into MY22s either first (depending on where the cars are “parked”) or at the same time as MY21s.
  13. Stay with MY21 or move to a MY22?

    I think it’s possible the MY22 will arrive only a few months later than the MY21. Overly optimistic, maybe. Maybe not - Not sure if you’ve read but some folks have MY22 production completed before others with MY21 who are stuck in production (like mine). It seems arbitrary but there could be...
  14. Stay with MY21 or move to a MY22?

    You make a good point about less problems. One would hope that they iron out the kinks for MY22. For sure, There is something to say about deferring pleasure… :angel:
  15. Stay with MY21 or move to a MY22?

    No I have not and wish I did see the TB in the flesh! I def think I might regret it if I don’t opt for the Olea/TB.
  16. Stay with MY21 or move to a MY22?

    If I go with the MY22, I would keep the same exterior (Chalk), change interior to the cheaper Chalk/Black (from Truffle Brown), + roof rails, + heated steering wheel, + seat belts in chalk, + Tech Package. The difference in cost is $5K for a newer model year + the add’l specs - club leather…oh...
  17. Stay with MY21 or move to a MY22?

    Good point. I know that the tech package is different. I’m getting ACC already so for another $2k I can get passenger display, HUD, and park assist. Reviews are mixed for these BUT the park assist ALSO adds some good safety features (side and rear warnings).
  18. Stay with MY21 or move to a MY22?

    the more I think about it, I think it’s unlikely Porsche corporate would give out discounts to those waiting. The supply chain delays are out of their control (everyone is dealing with it) and Porsche enthusiasts will wait for months for their cars. I also saw in the Macan message boards that...