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  1. 2021 April Software update results - 2020 Taycan Turbo

    Do you guys have buttons on the app now to flash the lights/beep the horn etc? I know the 2021 cars have this and I assumed i would get this after the update but nothing for me
  2. Car stuck in privacy mode after update?

    Well I managed to get it back on…. However I don’t have any of the buttons for the new features like the remote unlock/lock horn etc. pointless update really for me as wireless CarPlay rarely works!
  3. Car stuck in privacy mode after update?

    Tried deleting and reinstalling unfortunately but everything shows it as being in privacy mode. The app just shows the car but no options and tells me to disable privacy mode in the car
  4. Car stuck in privacy mode after update?

    My 2020 TS went in fir it’s update and I collected it yesterday. New features seem to work fine however my car is stuck in privacy mode on the app? The car is not in privacy mode and I have tried changing it into and out of privacy mode in an attempt to force it out but nothing works and I...
  5. What loaners does Porsche give you?

    I got a Macan from Porsche Chester...which had a blowout the next day. Porsche assist collected it and never returned it but did send me a bill for a brand new tyre which I thought was a bit pathetic.
  6. Don’t curb the wheels!!

    It’s actually on the inside of the wheel, the face of the wheel is perfect.
  7. Don’t curb the wheels!!

    Has anyone noticed paint flaking? My mission E wheels are all gloss black. Noticed this the other day and its obviously not on the face of the wheel so hasn't been curbed... I know some have had paint issues but wondered how people had got on?
  8. Personalized License Plates - What’s Yours / What do you Suggest?

    In the UK I have T6 YCN on retention. Haven’t put it on the car yet but will probably put it on in the future
  9. What loaners does Porsche give you?

    I tend to get something equivalent. Usually ask if I need the 4 seats and that gets you a Cayenne, if your driving a base car you don’t generally get amazing loaners I’ve found
  10. Taycan screen unlocked for DVD

    There’s a few available but they all appear to be the same product. Some don’t ship to certain parts of the world. Cartronix appear to be the brains behind it so it may pay to buy direct from them for updates etc going forward
  11. Pod point a good choice and where to mount?

    I have a pod point and have had one a while (Hybrid Panamera before the Taycan). Never had any issues with it, and when I mentioned I was changing to a Taycan, I retained the existing unit as the switches inside were just changed to give 7kW, so no extra cost. Im an electrician by trade so...
  12. Taycan screen unlocked for DVD

    Has anyone tried this yet?
  13. How good is your heated steering wheel!?

    Mines pretty good with racetex steering wheel? Have you guys all got leather wheels?
  14. Charging App

    I wish there was a few more of them! None by my at all really.
  15. Uk Delivery Updates

    Nice number plate!
  16. Charging App

    What app did you use to order the charging card Gordon? I have the car showing in my Apps but can’t do anything with them yet as they are set to privacy mode
  17. Uk Delivery Updates

    To be honest I’d probably be tempted to take it as soon as too. The fact I can’t takes the decision out of my hands. Fortunately I’ve had a drive of the dealers demo to tide me over!
  18. Uk Delivery Updates

    I’m quite surprised how many of you guys are happy taking the cars this late in the year before the 70 plate arrives. My car was due to arrive at the dealers today for delivery next Friday (after the PDI) as I had done a deal with my dealership on my PX. I will be away for 90% of August so...