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  1. Hardware differences between CT 4 and 4S?

    From the point of view of production, the issue is not about economy, the cost of production is the same. The question is marketing. Porsche, like the VAG concern, is able to sell one design to buyers with different income levels. For example AUDI RSQ8, Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga, VW...
  2. Hardware differences between CT 4 and 4S?

    I think there is a difference in the motors. Between 4S and Turbo, the difference in power is 80 kW and there are different motors. Between 4 and 4S, the power difference is 70 kW, I am sure that the motors are also different. Structurally, the motors are the same, the differences in the amount...
  3. Launch control rwd

    No need for a sport chrono package. launch control is available in sport mode. Put your car in sport mode and check. I'm not sure about the RWD version, I know for sure that there is no sports chrono package in 4S launch control.
  4. Standard vs on board 22kw?

    If you do not have 3 phases and 22 kW at home, then the basic 11 kW. I have 3 phases and 50A at home, so 22 kW is a must for me :clap:
  5. Will charging door close automatically if you start driving?

    Hi, I have a question for the owners who have a motorized charging door installed. Can it close automatically if you start driving with the charging door open?
  6. Audio upgrade for base sound system

    The car has problems with the audio preparation of the doors. Doors resonate and creak very strongly. I ordered myself a BURMEISTER, but I also plan to make additional soundproofing and audio preparation of the door structure.
  7. Help with RWD Spec build - options cost double in Hong Kong

    Sport Chrono in an electric Porsche is superfluous. It's just an extra mode switch on the steering wheel and a stopwatch. You can always switch modes through the PCM quick menu. Sprot chrono makes a real Porsche only in a car with gasoline.
  8. 2021 Taycan Turbo - Mamba Green Delivery

    Congratulations! Great color!
  9. Sports Chrono or Rear Axle Steering?

    Like you, I was faced with a choice. I chose RAS and abandoned the Sport Chrono. The Sport Chrono is just a mode switch and a stopwatch. The presence of the Sport Chroro has no effect on power or speed. Everyone has Sport mode and launch control, while Sport PLUS mode is just a low level of...
  10. Final spec!!

    I advise you to choose ACC because you can always buy wheels. And you will definitely not be able to put ACC. ACC is very convenient on the highway and in the city. I use it 90% of the time.
  11. Help with Cross Turismo 4S specifications

    I auditioned Bose and Burmeister at the same time on two cars (Taycan) parked next to each other. Bose is good value for money and sounds great. But if you listened to two systems at the same time and you audifile, you will regret giving up the Burmeister. I choose Burmeister !! PS. I noticed...
  12. Range and Elevation

    With a quiet ride (4S and Turbo) in range or normal mode, the power reserve should be the same. I recommend renting a Taikan and checking it out. Tesla travels more under equal conditions.
  13. BMW i4

    They have the same platform CLAR BMW promises its electric platform in 2025
  14. BMW i4

    I think BMW is trying to enter the electric car market a second time. They had a great story since i8 and it was great at the time of release. Now i4 and iX this is a electro car based on the CLAR platform. We took BMW 4 and BMW X3 and just put batteries in them. As a temporary solution, it will...
  15. What are you paying for electricity per kWh?

    Moscow, RUSSIA Нome charging power 22 kWh day (7: 00-23: 00) 1 kWh - 0,06 $ night (23: 00-7: 00) 1 kWh - 0,02 $ Public charging station power 50 kWh, 1 kWh - 0,23 $
  16. What’s is the best colour for the cross turismo in your opinion?

    I think the PORSCHE spoiled the look of the Taycan CT with black wheel arches. I think black and dark colors will correct this flaw. My choice of Volcano Gray for Taycan CT and Mamba Green for regular Taycan.