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  1. Need to lock in options, need help on options!

    W1NGE has covered most things... All I will say is add Power Steering Plus, if that's the only change you make...!!
  2. GTS ST Orders

    Most likely demo / press car..
  3. GTS ST Orders

    I think it's been suggested a few times to have a separate thread for us GTS ST 'future' owners. We placed our deposit on 18th Nov. We are 4th in ST queue at the PC. No news on allocation date or ETA for that matter...
  4. GTS Orders UK

    The ordering queues are separate for sedan and sport tourism trims… which is something i wasn’t clear about at first myself but then got my head around it when i was shown the actual system at my local PC. So 8/9 in the queue would be for whatever trim you ordered - in your case an ST. Another...
  5. GTS Orders UK

    This is sounds more and more accurate to me... having looked through this thread and many others - most 'promised' GTS allocations so far are for the saloon/sedan. Having spoken to the head of new car sales at my PC (Bolton) today, they have had two Saloon allocations last week but still no sign...
  6. Taycan 4S Build - or jump to GTS?

    PSP is must. Sport Sound too (you can switch it off if it’s not to your taste) but retrofitting it will be costly and can add to the resale value.
  7. 14- vs 18-way seats in leather

    Fortunately I was able to test drive both; a CT4S with 14 way and Turbo S with 18 way. I found the the 14 way to be the most comfortable - both while driving and also getting in and out of the car. Have ordered 14 way on our incoming GTS - even though 18 way can be had at no extra cost.
  8. Electric Sports Sound - is Output Source the Stereo Speakers or Dedicated Speakers?

    Does anyone know if the Sport Sound is played through car’s standard speakers or does it have its own dedicated speaker/s inside the cabin - i know there is a speaker mounted under the boot floor on the outside, but presumably that’s for external sound only?
  9. Mamba Green with Aurum Wheels Taycan Cross Turismo finally collected

    Love the car! Congrats! I have been going back and forth on gloss black for door handles on my white GTS ST order. Still not sure which way I'll go on those eventually but they look nice on yours...
  10. GTS ST Air Suspension Levels

    Looking at the attached (which I have pinches from another thread on here); Taycan has 4x height settings compared to 5x on CT. Does anyone know for certain if the GTS ST has 4x or 5x height settings? Thank you!
  11. Details of "Standard Audio" setup

    I have been trying to find some details on this but turning up blanks. Does anyone know the speaker setup for the base audio system? How many tweeters, mids, woofer, wattage etc. I can find this info for the Bose setup for example but not for the standard audio... Thanks!
  12. Rear Axle Steering

    I have one more question for those who have real life experience of RAS. Are there any downside to having it for typical, day to day, non-track usecase? I have heard others say that it can provide strange feel/effect from steering wheel etc. Any truth in that? Thanks!
  13. Rear Axle Steering

    Alot of time when I see a comparison between a car with RWS and no RWS, what not clear is did the car without RWS have PSP. Having driven a Taycan 4s with and without PSP, I can honestly say that it makes a day/night difference to the general handling/weight of the steering wheel. What I am...
  14. GTS Orders UK

    Interested to know why you were quoted Q3/4 if you are the 3rd car on their list. Others are being quoted Q2/spring deliveries on here for the early orders...