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  1. Panoramic Roof with Variable Light Control

    If you’ve got the Premium Package, the VLC roof is a $3,290 ”upgrade” from the fixed panoramic roof. Doesn’t hurt as much as $4,760 but still not sure if I’ll be adding it to my GTS build.
  2. Journey to Pikes Peak: Guinness World Record set in Taycan Cross Turismo - Porsche

    I was wondering the same thing! I'm deciding between Chalk and Ice Grey for my GTS order, really hard to decide between the two but I do love the color on that CT. It does look a kinda beige in other press shots, so maybe Chalk?
  3. Carbon fiber steering wheel for GTS?

    That's great news! Appreciate the clarification. I'll update this thread if I get any further info from my dealer. Good luck with that GTS badge!
  4. Carbon fiber steering wheel for GTS?

    Thanks for sharing! That's really interesting. The US configurator doesn't mention anything about leather. Please let me know if you get further clarification. My dealer is supposed to get their Taycan GTS demo car soon and call me about it, so I'll ask him about it again the next time I...
  5. Carbon fiber steering wheel for GTS?

    Not sure about the GTS badge, but I also asked my dealer about that same option (Heated GT Sport Steering Wheel with Trim in Matte Carbon Fiber) since I wanted a leather steering wheel with the carbon fiber trim. The picture in the option's "more info" popup shows a leather steering wheel with...
  6. Feedback on GTS Build?

    Thanks for all the feedback! I did end up removing both Glacier Blue options (LED-matrix headlights and "PORSCHE" text on the rear lightstrip) for the GTS default in black. I thought that the GTS embossing on the headrests came standard? I remember seeing it on the seats on my old build page...
  7. Feedback on GTS Build?

    Hi all, I originally ordered a 4S but was fortunate to get an early GTS allocation with my dealer! Tentatively aiming for a May/June 2022 delivery. I've got until early February to make any changes, but this is what I've spec'd so far: (Build code...
  8. MSRP Dealers (selling Taycan with no price mark-up)

    Just ordered a Taycan GTS in the Seattle (Washington) area. Called multiple dealerships and got MSRP at Porsche Bellingham - excellent service and very friendly. Porsche Bellevue asked for a 15k markup and Porsche Tacoma mentioned 5-15k "to be discussed after receiving an allocation." Back in...
  9. Macan EV Spied (Including Interior)

    Glad to see that physical buttons haven't been completely removed from the infotainment of their future EV lineup. I wonder if we'll eventually see this in the future Taycan.
  10. Aesthetic Mid cycle facelift suggestions

    I'd be very happy if we got some physical buttons or knobs/switches in the middle console instead of the giant touchscreen that's currently there. (Not really a "facelift" but would be a nice surprise to see in the mid-cycle refresh!)
  11. Reverse Camera - Undistorted View?

    Hi all, Is there a way to remove the distorted "fisheye" effect from the rear/reverse camera? I recently went for a test drive and made a deposit for the Taycan 4S. The reverse camera had bothered me a bit, I get that the distorted POV is suppose to give more perspective of the car's rear...
  12. Inner Door-Sill Guards and B-Pillars in Leather

    Interested in seeing photos of this as well. Does anyone know if this option actually puts leather on the bottom half of the b-pillars? Was a bit disappointed that the full/extended leather option still left plastic on that specific area.
  13. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Hi Luke, thanks for taking the time to do this! Has there been any discussion/rumors about Porsche bringing back some physical buttons for HVAC controls on the Taycan's center console screen? e.g. something similar to the Panamera's or Cayanne's setup? We're in the market for an EV and test...