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  1. bah1590

    bordeaux red interiors

    I also have the red Bordeaux interior and I would classify it as a deep rich red not bright. Never had a red interior but I love it. I was worried but the contrast with the black is perfect imho. Really happy.
  2. bah1590

    Am i the only with a crap PCM and electronics all around?

    I would continue to document all your issues and if you can get more videos that would be ideal. It is likely you need to have your PCM replaced. It is one thing to have a few hiccups every once in a while but if it is consistent like you are seeing it is likely a hardware issue. You are...
  3. bah1590

    📣 PCM 6 Update Announcement [Update: Retrofit Being Explored For Existing Taycans]

    My guess it would require a service visit and they are not sure they want to pull all the Taycans in for the update. I went through this with my Audi eTron and a lot of the dealers don't have the expertise to do the updates which in the eTron's case required special tooling. In some cases the...
  4. bah1590

    📣 PCM 6 Update Announcement [Update: Retrofit Being Explored For Existing Taycans]

    I sent an email to Porsche yesterday and here is the reply I received. thank you for your email dated 24 January 2022. The new functions are now part of the standard equipment of every newly configured Porsche 911, Taycan, Cayenne and Panamera. Whether there will be a retrofit option for...
  5. bah1590

    📣 PCM 6 Update Announcement [Update: Retrofit Being Explored For Existing Taycans]

    So if you have already received delivery of a MY22 then it should be upgradable?
  6. bah1590

    171 mile Range, I expected better.

    I agree. Give it time and the range will go up. As @schad suggested drive a certain amount of miles and then calculate the range based on your driving.
  7. bah1590

    Collected my third new Taycan today

    Really like the contrast of coffee and the black. Wrapping those door handles in black would be the finishing touch especially since you have the power charger doors. I have a white CT4 which I bought from the dealer all blacked out except the door handles. Added the wrap and it really made a...
  8. bah1590

    6 months in with 4S - the great/good, the bad/ugly

    I would push your service group to replace your PCM. Since we all have the same software and I don’t experience the issues you have it’s likely a hardware issue. My PCM is pretty flawless.
  9. bah1590

    CarPlay in MY22 any better?

    I have a MY22 CT4 and connect wirelessly(iPhone 12 with IOS 15) and its not perfect. In general it connects within 15 seconds but every once in a while it does not connect up properly. I can usually play with it a little bit and it connects. It certainly doesn't make me rethink my decision...
  10. bah1590

    Car rolls on hill

    There is a hold function if you push down on the brake after coming to a stop. You may have to press on the brake a couple of times to activate. If you stop on an uphill then it should activate automatically.
  11. bah1590

    4s Cross Turismo Problems

    Yeah, I just think there may not be enough available for mass replacement yet. Maybe some dealers already got a hold of them.
  12. bah1590

    Deep scratch solutions?

    You should have mobile repair companies which will come and fix it. They can do a good job especially on that type of scratch. Just google it.
  13. bah1590

    Your other electric vehicle

    I agree. I had an eTron Prestige for two years before getting my Taycan. Fit and finish is really nice just not as sporty as the Taycan.
  14. bah1590

    4s Cross Turismo Problems

    I talked to my SA today and she said there was not a fix yet from Porsche but when the fix is determined they would be sending out a campaign notice. I wonder if they already know the sensors are bad but maybe need more time to get enough parts to actually send out notifications.
  15. bah1590

    CT alarm issue, how common is it?

    I talked to my SA about this issue today. She said there is no fix yet but when Porsche does determine the fix there will be a campaign notification and we will be sent a letter for the fix.
  16. bah1590

    US Taycan sales more than doubled in 2021

    I have the white CT with all the black trim(wheels, inlays, handle, window trim) so the off road design package, also known as black cladding;), fits my build. It's the finishing touch to all the other black trim pieces. Plus it does provide protection from the little road debris nicks and dings.
  17. bah1590

    Waitlist to delivery time

    I went to and searched their listings for the whole country and then sent out inquiries to get info on the CT's I was interested in. Many are already allocated but some are not. It may not exactly be configured how you want it but I found one very close. I live in Southern California...
  18. bah1590

    Paint to Sample (PTS)

    Wow! so many choices plus not being able to actually see it other than on your computer. You have to be a little gutsy to pick any color.
  19. bah1590

    Carmine red with black door handles?

    Agree with the wrapping of the handles then if you don't like it you could remove. Gives you more flexibility especially if you are not sure. I wrapped the handles on my CT4 and they came out good.