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  1. Experience with 22" inch wheels on Taycan?

    Hi Kris, by which company did you let your calipers paint? Asking for a friend 😉
  2. High amount of second hand Taycans on the market ?

    Had the same impression in Belgium, which makes me even more impatient 😅 Put my order in begin October with the hope of delivery somewhere end March. Dealer said many of the 10 to 15k KM's are demo cars, since the value decreases a lot faster after that. Saw some cars with 'hypothetical' 15k...
  3. My Taycan Turbo S on HRE P201

    Nice job! Does the car sit on lowering links?
  4. Vossen HF5 wheels on Turbo Taycan

    Looks good! Are these the 20"?
  5. Taycan owners in Belgium? CT? EV fast charging in Belgium.

    Hi Dennis, Oh, I see it now in the configurator :facepalm: Didn't know there was a difference in diffuser between 4s and Turbo 😅 Looks way better though! The gloss black parts also looks really nice in your pictures!
  6. Taycan owners in Belgium? CT? EV fast charging in Belgium.

    Hi @DennisB which parts did you paint afterwards? 🙂 Did you do something to the back bumper? Doesn't look standard on one of your pictures, like it!
  7. Neodyme og standard (black) interior accents..

    The same doubts. I have crayon ext + black int and am afraid that the 3rd accent color will be too much. But I must say, in the pictures of the initial post, black + neodyme looks stunning. So many doubts :whew:
  8. Aftermarket wheels for Taycan

    Hi all! I’ve put my 4s order in earlier this week. From the start I was set on going aftermarket for the wheels. Only the all-black Mission E’s are considerable for my personal taste, but the mandatory PSCB upgrade isn’t cheap. I made a quick mockup of some wheels I found that should fit the...