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  1. Noisy CREAKS/SQUEAKS Cross Turismo 4S

    I’m having a squeaking issue from my driver side seat as well. I’ve been trying to find the issue myself but I’ve been completely stumped. If you find what it is, let me know. I have a MY 2022 I took delivery of in November
  2. How does a Taycan 4S respond in -25C weather?

    Your build is jaw droppingly beautiful.
  3. All Aboard Felicity Ace!

    She is a great ship. That is the vessel my Taycan on in November. Have fun tracking it for the next few weeks!
  4. TYD shipping update, Felicity Ace

    I just talked to my dealership this morning. They stated that the car is scheduled to be delivered to Dallas (Lemmon Dealership) on 11/19.
  5. TYD shipping update, Felicity Ace

    Looks like Felicity Ace has been sitting outside of Houston since Friday. Anyone have a guess when the vessel will be unloaded? My TYD still states my Taycan will be ready for pickup in Dallas on 11/12/2021.