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  1. Mayfair in London on a Saturday is a Taycan haven

    Taycan like all other fully electric cars is fully exempt - that’s a mistake
  2. Taycan Aero Wheels Painted Black

    I’m really keen to see what turbo Aeros painted black looks like! Have been thinking about this as well - I have volcano grey with white PSCB callipers under turbo aero … I just want to lose the silver as the rest of the finishes are gloss black - so please post when you do!
  3. Well I’ve gone and changed my mind….

    One thought … wear the designation proud why delete :)
  4. Well I’ve gone and changed my mind….

    I have an almost identical spec ;) save I have hard roof and PSCB - it’s wonderful and in real world driving feels faster than my RS6 performance … enjoy 😉
  5. Customized Look for 20" Taycan Turbo Aero Wheels for $25 - What do you think?

    Has anyone had these alloys fully painted gloss black? I’m considering doing on my volcano grey but would love to see what it looks like…!
  6. 150kwh DC Option

    1 year waiting time on what model?!
  7. Acceleration

    I spend most of my time in range mode for ambling around town in heavy traffic but when I need to pull away from a dawdling cab/ipace at the lights there is the exact sensation you describe - a pause and a small jolt as the gear kicks down - I have only ever experienced this in range mode...
  8. RWD performance - 79.2kw v 93.4kw battery

    Are you doing a lot of freeway driving? I drive mainly in a busy city (with weekends on a freeway/country roads) and since May and 2300 miles later at 100% I’m getting 230 miles with RWD PB+ … sounds poor no? other than the spec sheet how do I know they put the correct battery in? Is there any...
  9. Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    I think it’s obviously a very personal thing but to me the sport sound really improves the overall experience and I use it every day without fail - I would just have it retro fitted - net of the option cost it’s a £1300 error right? Not ideal but not a total disaster either - at least you can...
  10. Any RWD owners regret not going to 4S?

    I had the exact same dilemma as you. I went for the RWD (uk base 70k at the time) and carefully specced to around 86k (incl bigger battery) - so around 4k over the base price of a 4S (almost 100k for the same spec 4S). The question I kept asking myself was “what do I really care about” and I...
  11. Do you have a pano roof?

    I specced from new and intentionally chose not to have the pano roof as I like the cocooned sports car feeling (frustrated 911 owner who needs fully electric car…) - I have volcano grey over chalk beige and no claustrophobia issues (!) - the aerodynamic lines on the roof are part of the...
  12. charging at dealerships?

    Porsche West London allow either of their two 270kw chargers to be used whenever the dealership is open. On my first trip there I couldn’t get into the space as there was a boxster and a golf parked in the way! Since I complained the dealership to their credit have put green cones in the spaces...