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  1. @lpher

    📣 PCM 6 Update Announcement [Update: Retrofit Being Explored For Existing Taycans]

    Then you look to be in the same situation as myself... My car went into production on monday (24th) and i actually got an answer from my porshce salesrep today answering my question about the latest iteration of the PCM6.0, and more specificailly if he could confirm that my car would have it or...
  2. @lpher

    📣 PCM 6 Update Announcement [Update: Retrofit Being Explored For Existing Taycans]'s not visible in the VIN itself... I use Which is a subscription service, but i suppose there are free alternatives out there as well?
  3. @lpher

    📣 PCM 6 Update Announcement [Update: Retrofit Being Explored For Existing Taycans]

    Amen! :) I couldnt find the SSP 679 now, but i know i've read it earlier. Our PCM6 system is, as you mention, more or less identical to the Audi MIB3 system. The sticker on the PCM unit even states this. While the Audi MIB 2+ system seems to be related to the PCM5 system, although thats not...
  4. @lpher

    📣 PCM 6 Update Announcement [Update: Retrofit Being Explored For Existing Taycans]

    In the partscatalogue the 2019/2020/2021 PCM unit partnumbers are all 9J1 035 xxx, while on the 2022 the partsnumbers starts with PAD instead of 9J1. As with all VAG partnumbers (up until now atleast) the first three digits refer to the car/model the part was introduced on, and in our case that...
  5. @lpher

    Track competition between Taycan CT4S and 911 on Fifth Gear

    Thanks for the heads-up... Interesting episode...with for me at least...quite a few familiar places, roads and racetrack ;)
  6. @lpher

    6 months in with 4S - the great/good, the bad/ugly

    Indeed...the PCM 6 system that is in the 2019-2021 Taycan's have more or less the same hardware as the Audi MIB 3 infotainmentsystems (latest A6/A7/A8/e-tron/e-tron GT etc.), and while i havent checked all the other carbrands in the VAG portfolio yet, I'm confident many of them have gotten this...
  7. @lpher

    6 months in with 4S - the great/good, the bad/ugly

    Cariad is the infotainment arm of VAG.
  8. @lpher

    Electric Sports Sound - is Output Source the Stereo Speakers or Dedicated Speakers?

    One external speaker upfront...and one external speaker in the rear. Inside the car, i suppose it is piped through the normal speakers? But this part no doubt be answered by someone who HAS taken delivery of their Taycan, and can confirm :) EDIT: I found there are actually dedicated interior...
  9. @lpher

    Details of "Standard Audio" setup

    As far as i can tell...the basic systems consists of a three way speaker setup in the frontdoors (indentical placements as Bose system), and a two way setup in the rear doors. In other center speaker, no rear fill speakers and no subwoofer.
  10. @lpher

    Details of "Standard Audio" setup

    Here's what i was able to find: Pr. code: 9VK - Basic Soundsystem 10 speakers no subwoofer Pr. code: 9VL - Bose Soundsystem 14 speakers incl. subwoofer Pr. code 9VJ - Burmester Soundsystem 21 speakers incl. subwoofer
  11. @lpher

    Front camera part #?

    Here's what i found: The camera (Pr.code KA6) is 958 980 546 00 "Camera Real Top View" and panel 9J1 807 762 A "Trim Panel for camera Real Top View" And...this means that the Taycan shares the frontcamera with the 911 and the Cayenne, as they have the same partnumber.
  12. @lpher

    Front camera part #?

    In general the prefix (three first combination of letters/numbers) is kept across different VAG brands. The best way to explain it is that the prefix tells you which VAG model the specific part was first used on. In other words...if this is specific part is used on another VAG model it will...
  13. @lpher

    "Taycan Crash! Do Electric Cars Need To Be Noisier To Avoid Accidents?" - Article link

    The legislation that we have is IMO more than adequate....and speaking from personal experience from a country where the density of electrical vehicles is insanely a pedestrian you have to adapt...and off course the same goes for mopedists and cyclists and the likes as well. Not...
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    Happy New Year

    Joining in the multilanguage merryvishing :D Godt nytt år! Happy new year!
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    Is external sound required in UK?

    Electric and hybrid cars: new rules on noise emitting to protect vulnerable road users ( This is required on all new EV's sold after July 2019. (in EU/EFTA++ countries) And being in a business that could potentially benefit from such a law beeing mandated for older EV's as well, we...
  16. @lpher

    New ISA (Black box) from July 2022

    You better believe it... For sure various aftermarket manufacturers will be lining up to offer solutions to fix this :) Also...on many cars using an aftermarket "Video In Motion" solution already does much of what is needed to defeat this type of is based on GPS and/or the...
  17. @lpher

    CT4 fast enough?

    Same here....and I'm hoping i wont regret it :)
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    Using Apple Car play for non Apple music streaming (Qobuz) or playing from a USB stick

    This is possible to "fix" TV DVD USB VIM Video in Motion Activation for Porsche PCM 6.0 (