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  1. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    saw this sunset and had to take a photo…
  2. CarPlay in MY22 any better?

    I’ve had my MY22 for a week now and CarPlay has been flawless. Connects every time within a few seconds.
  3. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    Finally took some photos today of my new RWD. Here’s the best of the day.
  4. Glovis Supreme left Emden

    jumping in here, I had my first alarm last night too. I’d unchecked the interior sensor in settings, but somehow it got reenabled? Anyway I’ve disabled it again. Will keep an eye on it.
  5. High amount of second hand Taycans on the market ?

    did you disable the interior sensor?
  6. Glovis Supreme left Emden

    Finally collected it today! Loving it. Such a nice car. Both keys, electric steering rack… all good.
  7. Glovis Supreme left Emden

    Besides removing the transport cardboard and protective stuff? I’m not sure. But the SA said it would probably be at least Monday afternoon before I could collect. He mentioned doing diagnostics and final inspection.
  8. Jan Delivery

    I’ll pick it up early this week. I just went to check it out at the dealership. It looks amazing. Just has some stickers and small things to be cleaned and prepped before I can collect it.
  9. Glovis Supreme left Emden

    I just went and looked at mine at the dealership. Still some PDI work to be done but they said it will be ready in a couple of days. 😊
  10. Glovis Supreme left Emden

    I went for a RWD with PBP. What are you waiting on?
  11. Glovis Supreme left Emden

    Redwood City. Although I notice the Arrival at Dealer says estimated date of completion 1/14/22. But it says that is the current stage.
  12. Glovis Supreme left Emden

    My car changed to Arrived at Dealer! 🥳 (Although my SA says it’ll be a few more days)
  13. Jan Delivery

    Congrats! It looks amazing. I’ll be picking up a Taycan from the same dealership in the next few days. 👍🏼
  14. Glovis Supreme left Emden

    Mine is in Port Processing. SA tells me that it will be 7-10 days before delivery.
  15. Quick report: San Mateo, CA to Furnace Creek (Death Valley), 1060 mi round trip in Taycan Turbo

    Thanks for the report! Cool to see another San Mateo person here. 😊
  16. Aluminum Pedal set

    yikes. Ok. I should receive my car in a couple weeks. I’ll let you know if my brake pedal has the same problem.
  17. Aluminum Pedal set

    Is it this set? I ordered and am awaiting delivery of my Taycan with this set.
  18. Glovis Supreme left Emden

    Actually my TYD shows arrival in port on 1/21/22. But I checked the Glovis shipping schedule that shows estimated arrival in Benicia on 12/29/21.
  19. Glovis Supreme left Emden

    TYD is just all messed up. That map is weird It shows that the boat is already in the Pacific on its way to Japan which makes no sense