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  1. zzy45

    What happens at 0% range remaining

    Love the part where you just sat there and pondering about your life decisions…can relate, happened to me with an ICE car in an extreme cold day after I dropped the kid off at the daycare, came back to a car that won’t start due to cold battery, pondering why the hell did I turn off the engines...
  2. zzy45

    bordeaux red interiors

    both color combo would look great, but if you are able to go red exterior, then go carmine red; much more interesting color, and one doesn’t get to see beautiful red car on the road that often. mine will be my daily work horse and driven to job site, don’t wanna be too conspicuous in terms of...
  3. zzy45

    bordeaux red interiors

    When playing with the configuration, sometime it is worthwhile to change the background to turnoff the artificial setting light to look at the intended color.
  4. zzy45

    20" Tequipment Design Winter Set Installed

    Thanks for the clarification! if things go well I will be taking delivery of the Sedan GTS in summer so will be living with the summer tires first; I will definitely make comparison between the look and usability between snow & non-snow seasons
  5. zzy45

    GTS Build Feedback

    You definitely did not have a “senior moment”;) I saved it while it was still showing.
  6. zzy45

    Got my car - now more questions !

    Just keep a microfiber cloth handy for the screen. At least that’s what I plan to do
  7. zzy45

    20" Tequipment Design Winter Set Installed

    Hi OP. May I ask what was your experience with “trap the snow as much as the aero wheels”? Order the GTS standard wheels like below: I was planning to put snow tires on these wheels and order aftermarket ones for summer. The area has heavy snow from times to times. Would you suggest against...
  8. zzy45

    Cross Turismo Shopper Curious about Pricing/Options

    welcome to the “Dark Side”!:devil: Beautiful color.
  9. zzy45

    My GTS is being built!

    Check With your SA. Should appear on the webpage if the log in is the same email address in their system.
  10. zzy45

    I Went For It… Let Me Know Your Thoughts (Build)

    Consider CF side mirrors to match the CF sport design package?
  11. zzy45

    On-Board 150 kW/400V DC Charger

    Have you checked the standard equipment list? May already be included as a standard option. I believe it is included in the Germany standard equipment while I went to check out the newly announced STs in different level.
  12. zzy45

    Fun run up in the mountains (CT 4S)

    Hi OP! How do you like the 20” aero wheel ad tire set? Don’t see that being specced often and interested to know the look and feel when seeing them in real life.
  13. zzy45

    GTS Spec feedback

    I would add red seat belt for black interior For my GTS build I have added the $0, electric on side door. Can be easily removed if you don't like it Home link for garage opener if there is need. Lovely build. I have the same color selected!
  14. zzy45

    Has anybody dealt with a collision event yet?

    Best of luck with the repair process. Just curious since the damages would probably exceed a typical deductible limit, would you be going through insurance?
  15. zzy45

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    Hi Gord, congrats. I am staying with the steel roof as that’s what I prefer. Therefore I have no info on the new sun roof. I am financing it through company due to the EV tax benefit. Cheers.
  16. zzy45

    Does interior leather option lose GTS stitching on headrest?

    Probably not gonna stay if leather is chosen. In the very beginning when the configurator went live, the GTS logo remained when leather is chosen. However, in a day or two it was no longer shown. I opted for leather in my build and did not pick the crest, would be a pleasant surprise if the...
  17. zzy45

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    Sounds good! I am impartial to the HF5, will be chatting with the wheel shop from time to time to see what's new. Look forward to seeing your picture/post in the coming months. I think I will be posting plenty to share back to the forum once mine arrive too; I have chalk exterior & red interior
  18. zzy45

    Upgraded from 2020 Taycan 4S to 2022 Taycan 4S

    Hi OP, thanks for answering. I opted in with the steel roof too :) I thought you removed the 150kw charger as you listed the following in your removal list? Remove 16 KM2 On-Board 150 kW/400V DC Charger 460.00
  19. zzy45

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    Those 22” looks unique! I am in Toronto as well haha. I opted for the 20’’ standard wheels and plan to change them into winter tires; probably going to look for something for the summer set next year. But I haven’t find a design I am into yet.
  20. zzy45

    Locked it in! May 7 ETA

    Oh...what a shame, the ceramic brake would definitely be a great candidate in a 35K optioned build. I assume you are on west coast, as anywhere else the all-season in Canadian winter would be less than ideal ;) I also receive confirmation for an (Canadian) allocation for my GTS sedan this...