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  1. 4sCT21

    UK 4yr PCP final payment?

    that’s an appalling rate from VWFS. I was paying 2.9% or less on my previous BMW’s etc
  2. 4sCT21

    Innodrive on UK Smart Motorways

    Meanwhile, in my wife’s Mazda 3, it’s telling me to drive at whatever speed limit sign it can see, tells it to, Including limit signs on the back of slower moving vehicles :mad: Driving along with a huge red bar on your Speedo between 30-70 because it thinks it should be 30 on the M1 is rather...
  3. 4sCT21

    The CT - How good does it look.............

    Not seen a CT outside of the Porsche centre, all saloons. I think both are gorgeous and make me go funny inside.
  4. 4sCT21

    Collected my third new Taycan today

    Stop hogging all the Taycan‘s ;) 🤣 Funny to hear you go full circle with the models, glad to see that the RWD still feels like a Taycan. Hope you enjoy this ownership experience.
  5. 4sCT21

    Best Range Yet After 100% Charge

    😈 Sounds good
  6. 4sCT21

    BLACK / JET BLACK Taycan Club

    Love the red belts.
  7. 4sCT21

    UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    I tried some super smooth moves on my salesperson today, estimated date has now been pushed further back 🤣 Q4 is their best guess, but I can go have a test drive at least 😁
  8. 4sCT21

    Any issues with Taycan RWD model?

    I think back to my M135i, how many times did I launch it……. that would be 0. My Lexus RCF, once maybe twice. How many times did i floor them once I’d got going….. LOADS Like others have said, off the line performance is almost irrelevant, but it certainly makes a great headline in print and...
  9. 4sCT21

    Porsche OEM PPF Option - Anyone tried it?

    There is a thread that talks about it, seems to get mixed feedback.
  10. 4sCT21

    Driver’s door popped open whilst driving!

    It does sound like owning a Taycan is similar to owning an Alfa :eek: That sounds a very disconcerting experience.
  11. 4sCT21

    New here and about to order...

    Beautiful looking car👍
  12. 4sCT21

    New here and about to order...

    Makes our scheme look a rip off, well done, amazing spec :clap:
  13. 4sCT21

    New here and about to order...

    unbelievable price.
  14. 4sCT21

    UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    I think we might be in the same industry 👍
  15. 4sCT21

    UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    Valid point, but no it has zero impact on my pension as my pension is based on fixed reference pay, not gross earnings. but thanks for pointing it out.
  16. 4sCT21

    Panoramic Roof with Variable Light Control

    Crazy price, how on earth can they justify that?!
  17. 4sCT21

    Delivery Delays

    Piggy banks break very easily, they’re designed to😉 That makes me a hypocrite having reigned in my spec etc lol All depends when you need the car really. The turbo is by all accounts, an absolute monster, but the 4S is all anyone really needs in the real world. I pushed my budget just to get...
  18. 4sCT21

    UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    I ran the figures, I’m saving circa £20k over 4 years using SS over personal lease. I’ll take the delivery delay, moan about it, but ultimately be over the moon to be in a new Porsche By the year end…. I hope
  19. 4sCT21

    Well I’ve gone and changed my mind….

    The force is strong in you lol Cars are my true passion, I can say that having owned an Alfa, I spot every mark, chip, scratch etc
  20. 4sCT21

    Well I’ve gone and changed my mind….

    I wish I had your “Meh” ability, seeing chips is like a death by a thousand cuts for me 😅 Could not be more excited to get this car, it’s going to be a LONG painful wait. I would love to know why the forum believes I reside in Nigeria, been there a few times, great country, awesome people...