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  1. GTS Build Feedback

    I've lived and worked in the US for (in total) several years... but I keep forgetting how backward the electricity supply is. 110V, single-phase supply is a recipe for inefficiency.
  2. Sydney-bound: Hoegh Detroit

    Woo Hoo! Departed Southhampton - on her way to Baltimore. ....I'm not obsessed.... ...really...
  3. GTS Build Feedback

    AC charging will top out at 11KW unless you have this option. (That is certainly the case here in Australia - hopefully someone will jump in and confirm that this is the case in the USA.)
  4. Sydney-bound: Hoegh Detroit is now bookmarked :) I thought I obsessed too much over the options, but now I MUST know where the vessel is and how fast it is going…
  5. Sydney-bound: Hoegh Detroit

    Indeed! Fortunately the dealer had an allocation available which locked on the day I was ready to buy. (I was told at the time that the next slots were several months away.) Fortunately again, there were no production delays. The longest part of the whole process is the shipping. I hope that the...
  6. Sydney-bound: Hoegh Detroit

    Now in Southhampton.. after that Baltimore (1 Feb), then Jacksonville (4 Feb), then zzzz, zzzz, zzzz, Melbourne, and Sydney (13 March)
  7. Collected my third new Taycan today

    The colour combination works well to my eye. Like fashion brands, some colours come with an in-built personality (or at least an expectation thereof). Red, Miami Blue, Mamba Green.... (By the way, I think they are all great options.) On the other hand, some colours are more of a blank canvas -...
  8. GTS Build Feedback

    19.2kw internal charger is worth considering if you have a three-phase power supply at your home or office. Other than that - and the changes you’ve just noted - it looks fab!
  9. BLACK / JET BLACK Taycan Club

    “Frozen Black”… I like that! Very on-trend with the name of that colour!!
  10. BLACK / JET BLACK Taycan Club

    Hard to beat black! Porsche has produced many amazing design/colour combinations, so it’s not as though Black is the only legit choice. Moreover, I have some sympathy for the view that the Taycan‘s lines are shown at their best by light colours. Interesting to note that Black was FA Porsche’s...
  11. Sydney-bound: Hoegh Detroit

    Some ships carry commodities or ordinary stuff in containers. Some carry the hopes and dreams of the passengers onboard. Not the Hoegh Detroit! It has this beauty onboard: ...and many others! Currently in Belgium, and due in Sydney on 11 March with...
  12. For those awaiting delivery, my experience after my first week...

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Great spec too; the Mission-e wheels look just right with your configuration.
  13. Did you place your order in December or early January?

    Reading this forum, it is easy to form a dim view of the Porsche dealership network in the USA. The idea of charging someone $15k over recommended price in order to get an allocation is a quintessential example of a brand-damaging 'bad profit'. Then there are the many examples on this forum of...
  14. Porsche will combine all vehicle apps into one: My Porsche App

    This may be a good thing. However, the Infographic suggests that is it a 'wrap' of existing apps rather than a genuine integrated app. The Wiki function will provide a simple test of this: Will it simply replicate the Good To Know app, or will it be tailored to each vehicle - showing only the...
  15. Rear Axle Steering - how to confirm it's installed / working?

    Such a cool option! Any idea what proportion of Taycans have rear axle steering?
  16. High amount of second hand Taycans on the market ?

    Slim pickings indeed! There are a handful of demonstrators on individual dealer's sites that don't show up in the 7... but they aren't exactly bargains either! I've just sold my Carrera T after 2.5 years' of ownership for more than I paid for it. Maybe I should have ticked more options on my...
  17. Roast my 4S CT build!

    Looks like a very well thought-through build; all of the aesthetic choices appear to work well together.
  18. Taycan wheels: New designs required

    @Genau, They look fabulous! Winter is an overrated concept - well done on avoiding it!
  19. Taycan wheels: New designs required

    While I wait for my Taycan to be delivered, I find myself second-guessing all of the choices that went into the final spec. (Probably not the only one on this forum!) Most of the time I come back to the same conclusions. Except for the wheels. It’s not that I’m unhappy with my choice - it is...