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  1. Runestone

    Sport Turismos for all - which one would you pick (4S, GTS or Turbo)?

    You also get better 80-120 acceleration with the PB+, which I think is more important than the 0-100 acc.
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    Have ordered a CT4S and have some questions

    I have a CT4s without Sports Crono (I don’t like the hump either). I don’t have a sports+ car setting, but I have a sports+ chassis setting.
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    Journey to Pikes Peak: Guinness World Record set in Taycan Cross Turismo - Porsche

    A classic Pikes Peak video in real “gravel mode” :)
  4. Runestone

    Sport/Gravel button

    I have a 2021 CT without sports crono and the button says “sports”. I also prefer to have sports instead of gravel easily accessible. My guess is that they put Gravel on the button on the demo cars that they lent to reviewers to highlight the new option. And judging from the videos I haven...
  5. Runestone

    Must have options in Sweden / Nordics

    22 kW can be useful, but marginally so I would say. 22 kW is not enough for a charge only stop or even a lunch. On the other hand is 11 kW enough for an overnight charge. I didn't take the 22 kW, but I didn't think so much about it when ordering. If you have a 3x25 A main fuse you won't be able...
  6. Runestone

    Wheel sizes - some comparisons

    It had the same thought, but the workshop that change my tires strongly advised against it. The also checked with Porsche that said the same thing. The car is design to have different sizes front and back.
  7. Runestone

    CT alarm issue, how common is it?

    I have had my 2021 CT4S for one month and I haven’t had any problems with the alarm. I haven’t turned anything off and is using the app every day to preheat the car (when PCM works, which intermitten).
  8. Runestone

    For a new Taycan driver, how important is using the Connect app?

    I use it every day to preheat the car. Or rather I use it every day it works, which is maybe 50% of the time.
  9. Runestone

    Battery Temp

    I had this interesting relation between outside temp and battery temp after a 20 min drive yesterday (the -1.5 was about correct).
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    PCM Account Login location?

    I had a similar problem. I was logged out of the system and was unable to log in again. I reset the settings, started and turned off the car, turned off the PCM etc several times, without success. Even the account line in the system's setup had disappeared! (see image) When I came back to...
  11. Runestone

    Anyone had their bike rack delivered yet?

    I got one as compensation for the delay in delivering the car. My SA says that I could expect it in April.
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    Ionity enters next stage of expansion with 700 million € investment from Blackrock.

    There is not a single one in the nothern half of Sweden.
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    Out of Spec runs Nurburgring in Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo

    At least if you drive an old Ford Transit van :)
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    Carmine Red Turbo Cross Turismo - two weeks into ownership

    Nice, I will get mine next week. After a couple of blue cars I thought a red one would would be a nice change, especially since there already are two blue cars (wife and daughter) on the driveway.
  15. Runestone

    MY21 cross turismo further delays

    There has been some positive motion on my side as well. My CT4s has left the factory and is on route to Sweden, which means I should receive it in about 2 weeks. This is a month earlier than previous estimates (but much later than the original plan). I ordered beginning of April with planned...
  16. Runestone

    December 2021 Delivery

    That sounds very much like my timeline.
  17. Runestone

    MY21 cross turismo further delays

    About the same for me. Ordered early in April against an allocation. Original build in July and delivery early August. Currently it says shipping from Porsche Nov 26. So delivery in December.
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    Winter Tire Advice

    I am not Canadian, but I live north of you (most probably)so I might chime in :) Using the standard tires in winter is NOT a good idea. It is not just that the treads are not deep enough. Worse, the rubber in a summer tire becomes too hard in the cold and the grip gets much worse. Real winter...
  19. Runestone

    Two Speed EV transmission a good idea?

    There are some power curves for the Taycan motor here: There seems to be a significant wheel torque advanatge with the with the first gear up to at least 50 km/h
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    Just receive my Taycan 4S Cross Turismo Ice Grey

    Are you allowed to drive a Porsche in Modena :)