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  1. Hirschaj

    March 2022 US Deliveries

    Thanks for sharing. I’m paying close attention to Felicity Ace and this schedule looks accurate for that ship.
  2. Hirschaj

    March 2022 US Deliveries

    Ah, okay. No vessel information available in TYD for me. I’m pretty sure my car is still at port in Emden. Oh well, Felicity Ace is on her way to the rescue.
  3. Hirschaj

    March 2022 US Deliveries

    How did you find out that your car was on a ship and not still at port?
  4. Hirschaj

    Will you test drive the Mercedes EQS?

    Are the designers of these cars trying to put everyone to sleep? 🥱😴💤
  5. Hirschaj

    March 2022 US Deliveries

    Ha, mine was stopped at a golf course too. Sat there for a whole day. Finally made it to Emden today which unfortunately means that it missed the boat that set out yesterday 😩 Now it waits for the Felicity Ace to arrive on Feb 6.
  6. Hirschaj

    My Production Estimated Dates vs Actuals

    The golf vacation has ended and the Porsche has finally made it to port. Unfortunately it missed the roro that left port yesterday headed for Houston 😩 Time to sit in Emden for at least a few weeks. Looks like the Felicity Ace will be the next roro making it’s way from Emden to Houston. That...
  7. Hirschaj

    My Production Estimated Dates vs Actuals

    TYD is back up and my Porsche is still on that damn golf course. Must be a tough course ⛳️
  8. Hirschaj

    My Production Estimated Dates vs Actuals

    Based on the imagery from Google maps, the car stopped to play some golf 🤣 Looks like TYD is down right now so I don’t have any position update yet today.
  9. Hirschaj

    My Production Estimated Dates vs Actuals

    Ugh, it looks like my car has broken down by the side of the road before I even got it! I've been in the "In Transit to Emden Port" stage all day with the location shown in the screenshot below. This is not starting off well :eek:
  10. Hirschaj

    March 2022 US Deliveries

    That makes 3 of us that could be on the same ship headed for Porsche Austin. Mamba Green CT4 here. Mine is in transit to Emden today.
  11. Hirschaj

    171 mile Range, I expected better.

    I find this really interesting. I believe many people feel the same way. Most don’t need the range but they still think about it a lot and it disappoints them not having it for some reason. I don’t have my car yet so I have no idea how I’ll feel when/if this happens to me. I know I won’t really...
  12. Hirschaj

    March 2022 US Deliveries

    Mine was scheduled to start production a week ago Friday but it did not really happen until Monday. Production was complete by Friday 🎉
  13. Hirschaj

    Mobile charger connect

    There’s a free version that comes with the car. That’s how many people charge at home. You should take time to read the many home charging threads here on the forum.
  14. Hirschaj

    Lucid Air reaches 500 miles in real-world 70 mph range test

    I’d definitely consider getting one if it didn’t look like it does. 😴
  15. Hirschaj

    Stretch out battery??

    Absolutely, the real numbers make the few charge cycles even less significant.
  16. Hirschaj

    Stretch out battery??

    Check that math my friend 🤪
  17. Hirschaj


    If you have certain types of LED bulbs in the opener they can interfere with the signal. Pull out your bulb and see if range improves.
  18. Hirschaj

    Alarm keeps going off

    I didn’t request a new sensor, I was asking a question 😜
  19. Hirschaj

    6 months in with 4S - the great/good, the bad/ugly

    I don’t have my Taycan yet so I can’t try this. I found these instructions in the Good To Know app for connecting to external wifi. It doesn’t mention anything about being limited by region. Has anyone tried this yet?
  20. Hirschaj

    CarPlay in MY22 any better?

    CarPlay in general can be buggy. I have a Mazda with CarPlay and it has issues from time to time.