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  1. bj33813

    Text Messages, does anyone get them anymore? Iphone user here.

    None at all, but maybe because I have texts turned off on my phones service provider? Who cares.
  2. bj33813

    Did you post your car on your social media when it arrived?

    No use for social media at all. Just sent a few pix and vid of my PEC delivery to a few friends who knew I was buying it. BUT, I DID feel like king sxxt on the drive back home ! ;)
  3. bj33813

    Help please - I am not able to adjust max speed for Range mode

    Sam: When you select car mode button, then select the range mode button, and THEN hit the 3 dots at lower right, then (second screen) max speed and it should give you( third screen) a slider to select your desired range max speed. I see from your pix that you do get the second screen with range...
  4. bj33813

    General profile v timer

    Thanks. I d/l the Myporsche app and agree that it is much better than the Connect app, and happy that it does not have the black screen with red lettering like the Connect app.
  5. bj33813

    General profile v timer

    I'd like to ask @winge how he has managed to get a white background screen on the pcm. Mine is white lettering on black, sure like yours better.
  6. bj33813

    Power Button Error

    Read somewhere that the mirrors have to be recalibrated at service center if you take them off. Hope that is not your case.
  7. bj33813

    Power Button Error

    I have had a couple of yellow warnings, but they always go away shortly on their own. German gremlins.
  8. bj33813

    Question on Porsche Connect app

    Thanks. I noticed also when it hit its 80% target, that the app updated w/o me logging out and back in, tho it may be also that it updates when I disconnect and the charging stops. Not a big deal I guess, but would be nice to get current status always. Other key ? Lol, still waiting for that to...
  9. bj33813

    Question on Porsche Connect app

    I noticed today that while the car is charging in my garage , the Connect app does not update to show the current progress while still charging. Did go up from 38% to 40%, but is stuck there for several hours, but if I look at the status screen inside the car, it is now at 70%. Is that normal...
  10. bj33813

    What state of charge was your Taycan delivered with?

    100% at PEC ATL as they knew I was driving it back to FL.
  11. bj33813

    Electrify America update (and a disappointment)

    I would guess it is a supply issue like everything else these days.
  12. bj33813

    Setting Options Missing

    The config pdf for your build that was created when you specked the car shows what is standard on your model as well as what options you have.
  13. bj33813

    Direct Charging

    99.9% of my charging is at home, so I am half right?:fingerscrossed:
  14. bj33813

    Direct Charging

    Gee, I thought the direct charging button was to bypass the charging profiles and charge to 100%??? Pardon me if wrong.
  15. bj33813

    First charging experience with 2022 Taycan at EA

    Wow, that is incredible! Have you tried a reboot of the pcm? You might also check the box for battery friendly quick charging and see if that brings up the other box for plug and charge.
  16. bj33813

    First charging experience with 2022 Taycan at EA

    This is the screen you s/b seeing:
  17. bj33813

    "Porsche Determines 85 KWh Is The Ideal Battery Size For Its Electric Cars" Articles

    The size of the battery in an electric car has a direct relationship to how much it costs to manufacture, how fast it can charge, how much range the car will have, how well it performs on track, and how quickly it accelerates, among other things. As Porsche contemplates the transition to...
  18. bj33813

    First charging experience with 2022 Taycan at EA

    Best to call or visit your dealer then & have them reset your info as that options screen s/b there in the Charging icon. As to the post from @chenner, check the Porsche Connect app and see if plug and charge is set there tho I am pretty sure it would need to be enabled in the car pcm as well.
  19. bj33813

    First charging experience with 2022 Taycan at EA

    Charging, then hit the 3 dots in lower right corner. Should bring up the box to check/enable plug and charge.
  20. bj33813

    Trip to Estepona from UK

    Patience. It WILL get better! ;)