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  1. dutchcourage

    BMW i4 M50 v Porsche Taycan review - The world's best fast EV? [Autocar]

    The range specified by BMW is far from the reality. I did a testdrive and was very disappointed. 28 kwh/100km av. with no speeding, max speed 110km/h on high way (70% of test drive), no acceleration tests, 10˚C distance of 200km
  2. dutchcourage

    On-Board 150 kW/400V DC Charger

    Anyone knows why the 150kW/400V DC Charger in not an option in the Dutch configurator?
  3. dutchcourage

    Super Charging observations with a cold battery

    That makes me sad, even if it is not your property, you should still take good care of it as if it is yours . :crying:
  4. dutchcourage

    Your other electric vehicle

    my wife drives a leaf and is very happy with it. She doesn’t care about cars :)
  5. dutchcourage

    Taycan Aero Wheels Painted Black

    I found out there is a company that makes the retro 911 wheels for taycan: Forgeline FU3C-GW
  6. dutchcourage

    Taycan Aero Wheels Painted Black

    I also ordered my taycan with standard wheels. Not because I like them but I would rather spent my money on other options. Before delivery, June, I will have the wheels sprayed. Thinking of this: ] but best would be when these wheels would be available
  7. dutchcourage

    Members Say Hello Here!

    Hi all, today I have signed the contract for a taycan rwd . expected delivery end May. it’s a frozen blue metallic. so 4 to 5 months of waiting before I can get rid of my Tesla model s.