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  1. 12V battery problem issue with your Taycan?

    Cool your jets :cool: Please be respectful even if disagreeing/debating.
  2. 818 Taycans Delivered in U.S. in Q1 2020 (Sales Report)

    Sales stats are in and 818 Taycans were booked as "delivered" in the US in Q2 2020. For comparison, 221 Taycans were delivered in Q1 in the US.
  3. Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Listed updated. Congratulations @Toby Pennycuff @Singularity @Pozuelo !!

    First real life photos of Frozenberry Metallic on the Taycan.
  5. Latest Taycan Cross Turismo Prototype Spy Shots

    Compare to the concept version:
  6. Aftermarket wheels for Taycan

    More images of the 22" Techart Formula VI forged wheels.
  7. Official Taycan Owners Registry

    @Taycan_Rolf and @bushmg added to the list. Congratulations to you both!
  8. HRE Vintage Series 935 Wheels on Taycan

    HRE wheels on @felixtb "Taycan R" :like: From:
  9. Aftermarket wheels for Taycan

    HRE Vintage Series 935 wheels on @felixtb "Taycan R" :like: From:
  10. Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Added, congrats Gurvan!
  11. 4S side skirts and front apron

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  12. Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Added you @jonwoodhead. Congratulations!
  13. Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Congrats @jaspercrane and @TAYC4N! Added to the list.
  14. Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Congrats to @BMH @Johnc33458 @Oli_b on your Taycans!
  15. Aftermarket wheels for Taycan

    Lowered on Vossen lowering links and Vossen wheels.