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  1. Detailing & Xpel Wrap

    I think many dealers would outsource it anyway, so I am going directly to the third party. Also even if they don’t outsource, it isn’t necessarily their area of expertise compared to a third prty
  2. Wheel and tire protection tradeoffs

    Thanks. It is what I was thinking but I was wondering if I was missing something. Btw, I am in CA, so looking forward to the Wash/CA meetup in Oregon - that should be a nice drive for both of us
  3. Wheel and tire protection tradeoffs

    Hi Was considering the wheel and tire warranty package, but it just didn’t seem to make financial sense. $2200 for 4 years seems like I have to go through a lot of blow outs, curb rash and a wheel replacement to get close to break even Maybe I am just lucky, but I never had to replace a...
  4. Flat Tire in Carmel!

    Thinking about the insurance. What would the cost of those repairs be without insurance? Thanks
  5. Glovis Sunrise Taycan Cruise

    Thanks for update. 22 minutes is great! what level of charge did you max at and did you do anything to prep before going to the charger (e.g. heat up the battery by using the navigate to charger option - or whatever that is?)
  6. Detailing & Xpel Wrap

    I am picking up my car soon and then my car too will be out for a week. The challenge will be if I can get a 11,000 mile road trip done in the several days I have the car. Challenge....accepted!
  7. Missing piece of interior trim?

    Well, since you got this fix by reading it on the internet, it seems it is an OTA fix! Hopefully future HW issues can be fixed OTA.
  8. How to set to profile to only charge to 85%

    The Taycan manual suggests 85% for day to day use. That top buffer you mentioned seems to be on top of that.
  9. WLG2 Campaign -- software updates

    Agree. Remember that Musk wanted that when he had said that if you bring you car to service, you will get a P100D with Ludicrous loaner. Now you may get an Uber credit ;) Doing service well is hard...and expensive.
  10. Locked Keys in Car.. help?

    Thanks for keeping the his here since if this happened to me at 2am, i May remember it ;) Now what do you mean by force it open ?
  11. Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    @louv thanks for all that detail and for your contributions to this process! Good to hear that the 12V battery issue was partly (mainly?) caused by a hardware issue since those are easier to remedy than some odd software gremlins.
  12. WLG2 Campaign -- software updates

    more importantly, hopefully they don't seriously nerf the range or change features for the worse the way another car manufacturer has done. With great power, comes great responsibility.
  13. Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    Any idea whether these parts are readily available or if these are new things needing to be ordered and shipped from Germany?
  14. Post-Corona PEC experiences?

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with a PEC delivery after the Corona situation? I saw an article about it, but wondering if people here had any first-hand experience. thanks
  15. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    I hope you are wrong. On the one hand, based on the dealer conversation, I am expecting to pick up my car next week, on the other, my schedule still says that I am waiting to go to Emden. They said it isn't unusual lately for their logistics system to not be updating older records.
  16. Has it lost the WOW factor?

    Or, they actually aren't coming from a Telsa (e.g don't actually own a Taycan, and may not even own a Tesla) but rather are just fans of Tesla and are into the critique. Why would all these Tesla people make a move to the Taycan without driving it and deciding if it has enough wow and they can...
  17. Has it lost the WOW factor?

    If you would even think about buying or not buying a $150k car based on the back up camera, you should just go buy something else since it seems you are looking for reasons not to buy. Especially for someone who claims: " I am looking for performance first" The backup camera will NOT have...
  18. Has it lost the WOW factor?

    if their car is lurching, they should bring it in for service. Did those people buy the car without driving it first? Why are they now feeling they aren't getting what they were hoping to get? If you are worried about those comments, you shouldn't listen to internet comments and you should wait...
  19. Two-Speed Gearboxes In Electric Sports Cars Are Stupid - InsideEVs

    I appreciate your curating all this content for us!
  20. Two-Speed Gearboxes In Electric Sports Cars Are Stupid - InsideEVs

    About what I expected from them. They neglected to mention that Tesla tried to do a two speed gearbox on the original roadster and failed. Then the conclusion of why it is stupid is: Again, not understanding that people in Porsche price range are more interested in driving experience than...