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  1. Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    i mean cables have operating systems and cpus now too ...
  2. Taycan Turbo S vs 911 Turbo S Race on Carwow

    sure .... but also the point. On the street for an amateur driver, there’s almost no performance difference between the absolute best not-gt 911 and the brand new growing pains and all taycan. It’s an outstanding achievement if you want a car to track, I wouldn’t recommend it over a gt car...
  3. VW group and SW problems

    i hope this is just lost in translation by the journalist talking to a business guy. Building your own OS is stupid. Even Tesla doesn’t do this. Samsung has tried for years and it’s awful. And they’re a tech company! Build a platform on top of Linux. “It’s fine”
  4. VW group and SW problems

    Turns out, most folks don’t even understand let alone accurately estimate the amount of institutional knowledge and expertise necessary to build professional large scale software products. It takes a lot of long term investment. it’s like a software company saying they’re going to spank...
  5. Hesitation during gear shift

    In Range mode, the car won't use first gear at all. No shifts. Ironically, it'll be more shift happy in sport plus as it tries to maximize your torque at all times. but at lower speeds it'll probably stick to 1st gear all the time remember this is only the rear motor. the front motor is...
  6. Is this plan a bad idea?

    You can also just have the vehicle delivered to your dealer normally and pick it up locally. You can take a trip to PEC LA and drive one of their Taycans any time now. Fly there and back whenever.
  7. Thoughts on PTV+ and PDCC?

    If you haven’t drive a car with them, you probably won’t notice the absence in any way.
  8. Ordering a 4S blind

    yes, even without the optional performance upgrades there is a huge difference between the drive modes. It effects the shift map for the gearing and the brutality of the accelerator and the performance of the air suspension. range will be much softer and more efficient. Sedan like. if you...
  9. Taycan vs 911 (Which to buy)

    lol. I’m not as good as Chris Harris when he was practicing for his learner’s permit 20-30 minutes is definitely not enough time. 911 (twin) Turbo S.
  10. My Order Was Cancelled - HELP!!!!!!

    lol. Well your dealer owes you and can spin a sad story to PAG to get you some consideration. I’m honestly not sure what the wait list is like for a new customer. I’ve heard conflicting things. Like 12+ months, but I also see new taycan on the lot now. There appear to be some looking for...
  11. Porsche's Atlanta Experience Center reopens — find out what's changed as we compare Taycan Turbo, 911 Turbo - PCA

    yup. I’ve enjoyed PEC LA and noticed they’re opening too with taycan sessions. Unfortunately they’re far enough away that it can’t be a day trip without an airplane. Decisions decisions...
  12. My Order Was Cancelled - HELP!!!!!!

    I suspect it’s on your dealer to make this right, possibly by calling in a favor with PAG (if they have any). If it’s completely foobar, however, it shouldn’t be especially delayed. 4S allocations don’t seem all that difficult to get, so it shouldn’t be delayed more than a couple months (yeah...
  13. Taycan vs 911 (Which to buy)

    i did. I had a 20-30 minute test drive in a taycan turbo S. The brakes are actually larger than the 991.2 generation 911, so they are better, but it’s managing 1500# more. Physics is a harsh mistress. overall I was very impressed. The braking was the only place I could feel any noteworthy...
  14. Taycan vs 911 (Which to buy)

    lol. I did not feel that way about my 911 TTS after test driving the taycan. The taycan is only slightly faster 0-60 and not faster 90-120. The 911 has a much higher top speed (not that I’ll ever see it). Rather my point is the ice engines with much lighter cars are still faster in the mid...
  15. Ordering a 4S blind

    the passenger display is a ridiculous waste of money bose is fine. The car is insanely quiet. I’m not a fan of the carbon fiber trim. Feels over done. agree the Porsche crest looks better than the model trim on the seats you can probably live without pdcc the partial leather standard...
  16. Taycan Turbo S Driven by Leno and Brad Garrett on Jay Leno's Garage

    lol. Flooring a taycan inside a garage would ... be a mistake.
  17. Taycan vs 911 (Which to buy)

    go test drive them both with your wife. The 911 is perfectly serviceable as a daily but everybody has different feelings about what’s too stiff or too loud or too small. You might also throw in a Panamera to the mix. Roomier and softer. plus, like, an excuse to go drive some Porsches.