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  1. Electrify America Poll

    Since my last 4 of 6 visits to EA have not gone great I am curious how things went for you ? I can say when it suggests for you you to call in to the EA people at the 800# they have been fantastic but it does seem like there are lots of issues they are working on. Some of my issues have...
  2. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    Looks great ! Here is my baby
  3. Finally Arrived!

    I paid the premium and had the dealer do it, I was able to do the clear side markers but that is about all I was comfy doing.
  4. Finally Arrived!

    upgraded mirrors today to carbon fiber, really like how it turned out:like:
  5. 4s vs turbo

    First congrats on either but reading the tea leaves it seems you want the turbo and I agree add ons are extra pricey with 4s. . I’m glad I went turbo model, love the extra “pop” Have fun !!!
  6. Latest Gift from Porsche

    definitely nice, going to give mine to my son when he takes off for Michigan State Dorm life next month. (Fingers crossed they still get to go )
  7. Electricfy America charging tips

    My Mach E neighbor today at electrify America, the engineers said the Mustang was right off the line. Looked pretty nice in person. And of course charging station issues, the people are always so nice on the phone at EA but I’d say 40% of my visits there has been issues with their system. Hope...
  8. Volcano Grey or Dolomite Silver?

    Personal choice, both look great. I’m really happy with my dolomite silver :)
  9. Aftermarket wheels for Taycan

    Hi There ! I went with the carbon fiber aero blades, did not even see a jet black or gloss option . Is that what you were asking ?
  10. My Stormtrooper, the personalisation.

    The Matt black film on the sides looks fantastic ! Maybe I can get someone to quote that here in Michigan because I definitely do not have that golf club in my bag. It will look like a 5th grader did it
  11. Any Regrets with the Taycan?

    I came out of the grocery store last night and as usual someone was next to it taking a picture and when I got close to him he said " this car gives me the chills it's so incredible looking". I have ZERO regrets on the car, I kind of figured the extra passenger monitor would be a waste of...
  12. I couldn’t resist the sunset

    Just a fantastic night !
  13. 220v charging plug at home

    Just remember the lead on the Porsche charger is tiny so I wish I would have mounted my outlet up higher although it is still Ok but a few feet higher would have been easier on my back :) Also it sounds silly but if you have just the holster to put the handle back in after charging you may want...
  14. It’s here! Who said black does not show lines?

    Beautiful, here is mine. Insane the amount of pictures people take of it while out on the road. Enjoy !!!!
  15. Sport Sound Volume

    I love the Sport Plus sound and it is the only thing that even remotely helps me control my speed in it . For me it acts just like a mental reminder to take a peak at how much over the speed limit I am already going :facepalm:
  16. Tested my Taycan Turbo's 0-60 today using VBox Sport

    Had a Panamera pull me over 2 days ago to take a look. He was drooling. He said his Panamera looked like a school bus next to my Taycan Turbo. Probably similar 0-60 but that is about where comparisons end :)
  17. Near disaster, but is it charger(s) or car? (UPDATE: it's the car)

    I have had Electrify America issues and they are super nice but certainly their newer status comes with problems, but reality is I charge overnight at home and rarely need it. The Taycan is simply the most enjoyable driving I have ever had. DON"T let EA steer you away if you really like the...
  18. Installed clear side markers, trunk liner, WeatherTech mats and phone holder

    I have a landscaping and garden center company and my carpet mats get trashed quickly and I just like how the sides are covered a bit. But I agree I like the carpet look better but for me it is just more practical
  19. Installed clear side markers, trunk liner, WeatherTech mats and phone holder

    Yes, got the rears as well. My interior is black I think it’s just light coming in garage messing with the colors a bit
  20. Installed clear side markers, trunk liner, WeatherTech mats and phone holder

    Thanks to a great tutorial on here I changed out the side markers and like them much better than the all orange. I also added the suncoast truck liner, weather tech phone holder and like my other set the mats from weather tech are a nice snug fit. Pics below if interested.